Why We Should Not Keep Exotic Birds in Cages as Pets?

Protect Exotic Birds: Let Them Live Free

It is a tragedy in every sense of the word. Can you possibly fathom the possibility that an Amazon parrot, which should at the very least have a full-length life of seventy to seventy-five years, would pass away at the age of five? Are the birds allowed to suffer a natural death or are they put to sleep prematurely? The entire situation is caused by the practice of enticing and capturing exotic birds for the sake of serving the interests of the pet business, which sells and exports these species. This line of work brings in unquestionably billions of dollars for the commercial sector, but it does so at the expense of the priceless lives of unusual sentient people.

Every year, millions of parrots, ranging in size from great macaws to tiny canaries, are taken too soon from this world before they have lived the least amount of life they should have. These birds are snatched and held in captivity under the pretext of providing them with shelter and care. They are robbed of their natural surroundings without any choice on their part, which ultimately results in their demise.

Behind the bars they fall sick

The exotic bird should be provided with the most nourishing food possible, yet it should spend its whole life confined. The bird will get unwell and lose its allure in due time. Within the next several years, it will pass away for good. In reality, the commerce of birds kept as pets amounts to a kind of incarceration for exotic birds. They had their lives cut short in the end because they were removed from their native environment. Why does anything like this occur?

People like to think of themselves as sociable creatures, even themselves. However, it is erroneous to believe that animals and birds do not have a social structure or emotional responses of their own. Although there is a night-and-day difference in the ways in which humans and animals communicate and share information, animals also carry out activities that are identical to those carried out by people. Will we be able to cope with the repercussions if we are expelled from our neighborhood or isolated from our group of friends and neighbors? Birds, like other animals, react in the same manner, as if they have been severed from their natural state. Ornithologists have also conducted study on the subject, and their findings have shown that exotic birds experience mental stress when they are taken from their flocks.

Freedom of exotic birds: Your turn to help

Never encourage or participate in the domestication of wild birds, particularly by keeping them as pets in a cage. Who are you to restrict their personal liberty? Get in contact with a bird sanctuary if you really like seeing exotic birds and want to learn more. Find out how they care for the birds in natural settings, and only if you believe you could replicate such circumstances in your own home should you consider keeping a companion bird.

Raise your voice against the deplorable circumstances birds are kept in by pet merchants and bring them to the attention of the authorities that should be looking into the matter. Immediate action is required, and everyone of us should do everything we can to help save the endangered exotic bird. In the event that it is not completed within the allotted time frame, the days are not distant when the exotic birds will go extinct, much like the lost world of the dinosaurs. Learn more about the purpose of world parrot day.

If you are interested in more about birds, more information are here.

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