Why Show?

“Why should I show?” is a frequently asked topic among cockatiel breeders. Breeders that do not display their birds often fail to see the value of showing.

The exhibiting and displaying of cockatiels has a significant impact on the species’ destiny. Bird displays are where educated judges provide their professional judgment on which birds in a group are the best. Explanations for choices are provided, and considerable information is gathered and shared among breeders.

Anyone who breeds cockatiels owes it to the species to produce the greatest birds possible. A bird show is the greatest location to learn how to accomplish this. The Cockatiel standard of excellence, upon which our birds are judged, was deliberately and painstakingly created by a group of interested and informed individuals, with the goal of improving the cockatiel in mind. The only genuine approach to assess your birds honestly is to compare them to other birds and the standard.

Bird displays may also be a lot of fun! Where else can you find such a diverse group of cockatiel enthusiasts? Breeders share knowledge on effective breeding diets and management, as well as what works and what doesn’t. Marketing, an essential component of any breeding enterprise, is constantly a subject of conversation. The most recent novel mutations are always reported and often exhibited. Old breeders teach young breeders, and new breeders teach old breeders new ideas. Pet owners are always ecstatic to witness all of the wonderful mutations they’ve only heard about.

If you are breeding cockatiels “for the pet trade,” keep in mind that we all owe our consumers the most beautiful, healthy, and sound cockatiels we can create. The greatest location to learn how to enhance your stock is at bird exhibitions. Every show attended provides breeders with fresh ideas and challenges to develop better and better birds.

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