Why I Have Left The Fancy

I’ve been a charismatic Christian since 1980, having previously been a Roman Catholic, and I operated a charity called The Stairway Trust for 15 years until Peter retired in 1995, offering residential counseling for the addicted and emotionally disturbed.

I really began breeding budgerigars to give myself a break and some space away from all of the troubles.

I was also a Christian Listeners Tutor with the Acorn Healing Trust, an Anglican organization founded by Bishop Morris and Anne Maddox.

Our church relocated from Crymych (17 miles) to Cardigan (12 miles) in October of last year, resulting in reduced travel. I hadn’t been healthy in years and was in a lot of discomfort; also, the travel plus the fact that they gathered in a very chilly village hall meant that I hadn’t been in around 2 years. I wasn’t sure I wanted to get engaged again since I was still in a lot of pain (kidneys) and was waiting to go into the hospital for further testing. I’ve also been walking with a stick for a few years due to misplaced 4th and 5th vertebrae, arthritis in knees and hips, oesteo-arthritis, and a few other issues.

I attended a church-sponsored gathering towards the end of March. Lori Lawler, daughter of John Arnott, head of the Toronto Airport Fellowship, delivered the keynote address. I walked out to pray for my suffering, and she said, ‘Can I give you a hug?’ When I answered yes, I was engulfed by this wonderful woman! I was on the floor the next thing I knew, faintly aware of what was going on but feeling as if I were on fire. After a while, I attempted to stand up, but each time, someone came over, placed a hand on my shoulder, and murmured, ‘More Lord,’ and I fell back down. Anyway, I eventually got to my feet when Jackie (who lives across the street from us) placed her hand on me and I fell down again, and this time I couldn’t stop laughing. This went on for a long time, and eventually I was lifted up and brought to the vehicle. I felt inebriated, and there was nothing I could do about it! The following day was spent in a full haze, like a hangover but without the sour stomach, tingling from head to foot, and feeling extremely near to Jesus. “More Lord!” I want to say now.

I’ve always hoped to be in the center of what God is doing, and I now feel like I’m on my way to doing so. I had bought the Catch the Fire recordings weeks previously from the Toronto website and had been listening to them while on the internet, which meant all day, so I was somewhat prepared. I haven’t been around the twist, but I have had a very profound and meaningful experience that I felt compelled to share with you.

So, on with the story. Since then, I’ve been gradually regaining a really genuine connection with God, as shown in the lyrics of the songs I picked for our cell group last week.

  1. I will run after you with all my heart, all my strength, like a deer hunting for cold water in a drought, I will run for you with all my heart, like a deer searching for cold water in a drought, I will run after you with all my heart.

Denton, Anne

  1. I keep falling in love with Him again and over and over.
    I keep falling in love with Him again and over and over again.
    Oh what love between my Lord and I becomes sweeter and sweeter as the days pass.
    I keep falling in love with Him again and over and over again.

The author is unknown.

I have to tell that it feels very fantastic to be back where I was 20 years ago; I sang within all day, despite the fact that all the agony was still with me, which was a little frustrating. That, however, is not the end of the story. I walked out to the front the previous Sunday to convey what had occurred to me. Following that, the two Jackies (one who lives across the street and the other who is the wife of our cell-group leader) went to pray for me. As soon as they put their hands on me, I jack-knifed to the point where my head almost touched the floor – I had no idea I could go so low – and the laughing began again. They helped me to a chair, and there was a tremendous grinding in my back. Jackie1 put her hand on me and genuinely felt it!. As a consequence, I no longer need a walking stick and am in very little discomfort. After taking 5-6 Co-proxamol per day (plus pethedine when the kidney pain was severe) for almost a year, I now take none and am good (2 weeks later). I still have some kidney discomfort, but it’s nothing like it used to be.

This is the most recent music that has me enthralled!

In Your love, I want to be out of my depth.
Feeling Your muscular arms wrap around me
In Your affection, I’m out of my depth.
In You, I’m completely out of my depth.

Learning to Follow Your Lead
Putting all my faith in You, I dive further into Your arms, surrounded by You.
Things I’ve clutched so tightly have become my security; give me the fortitude I need to just let go.

Noel Richards and Doug Horley

Life is wonderful! I’m currently waiting for my knees to be straightened up and a few other things to be taken care of!

I have just registered to travel the Conference in Toronto in June – should be fascinating!.

So, after a very dry few years, life is very fantastic for me.

20/4/00 This week has been a tremendous tragedy for the church. Colin Hawking, one of our leaders, was assassinated. We are all heartbroken since he was ran over by a tractor. He was deaf and would not have seen the approaching tractor. He leaves behind a wife and six children. He was the most handsome guy in the world, and everyone adored him. Nobody has anything but positive things to say about him, and although we feel like a light has gone out, we know he is at the place where he belongs. He sparkled with the inner light of Jesus and his grin was honestly ‘out of this world’. On Sunday evening, he gave me a huge embrace and told me how happy he was that I could walk normally again. That was my final encounter with him. I’ve known him for 20 years and, regardless of the circumstances, his affection has never wavered, and I adored him.

Anyone else’s death could not have had the same impact on the church or the community. We held a church gathering last night and we all grieved together; it was a very wonderful experience. It has undoubtedly done a lot to unite the ‘church’ (as in the biblical understanding – the people). Only Colin could have created the level of grief that we are all feeling. We also feel that his death will be a big assistance in encouraging communal togetherness – it is in God’s plans, and I am very excited about those objectives. May God pardon us everyone for our religious beliefs. We hope that God will honor Colin’s vision for revival in Wales again, and some of us feel that his death will serve as a trigger. The 1904 Welsh revival began around 5 miles distant, and we are hoping for God to revitalize his people once again.

Last Sunday evening, I realized that the time and effort I put into the budgerigars was going to interfere with the work God was giving me, so I called my friends Pat and Gren Norris, from whom I had purchased birds over the years, and offered them my stud on the condition that they show some of the better ones. They accepted right away and made plans to come and get them all.

I had a great time with the budgies, but I’m glad to be back with my first love.

I wish everyone of the numerous friends I’ve made throughout the years continued success in their hobbies.

God bless you everyone! If you want to stay up to speed on what is going on, please visit Fullness of Joy to acquire the newest information.

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