Why Does My Bird Pluck It’s Feathers And How Do I Stop It?

There are many worried bird owners who wish to learn more about feather plucking. It may lead to major health consequences if left untreated and neglected.

It is difficult to pinpoint the reason since it might be the consequence of an underlying health condition, something in the environment, or just a behavioural issue. As a result, treating it will need a step-by-step approach to remove potential reasons.

MEDICAL ISSUES- For this, the bird must be transported to an expert avian veterinarian. Many veterinarians just do not have the necessary expertise to recognise avian ailments. The vet will do a CBC blood test, as well as maybe additional tests, to determine the source of the issue. They examine for liver illness (which is prevalent in all birds), Giardiasis (an intestinal infection common in cockatiels), and vitamin deficits. Deficits in protein or vitamin A are prevalent in birds given an all-seed diet and are a primary source of feather issues. A blood feather is another typical reason for removing wing feathers.

ENVIRONMENT- This might be the most difficult to understand. Something in the house might be triggering an allergic response. Mold is a frequent cause. This spore may cause skin irritation, and the bird will tear off features to get to the source of the issue. Toxins may be produced by other items such as new carpet, furniture, or some form of spray or room deodorizer. Extremely dry air from an overworked dehumidifier might also be the culprit. A thorough investigation of the house should yield up some hints. A humidifier in dry rooms and a HEPA filter in dusty regions will significantly enhance living conditions.

POOR Food- I am sure that poor diet is a key contributor to many bird diseases. A good example is feather plucking.

Important vitamins for the growth and health of bird feathers are lacking in seed diets. The main reasons of feather difficulties are a deficiency of Beta-carotene (Vitamin A) and protein, which may be readily detected with a blood test. A useful visual indicator is dull feathers or dark, black tips. Spirulina, for example, is suggested as a safe food ingredient. This product contains a lot of Vitamin A, protein, and B-12. Take care to follow the dose instructions.

BEHAVIOR- Feather plucking is a frequent behaviour in birds such as cockatoos and African greys. This is caused by a lack of attention, boredom, or abrupt changes in living situations. New additions to the family, such as newborns or dogs, or simply a change in the space they are in, might cause them distress.

Some birds prefer being near humans, so putting them in your living rooms can assist. Others get anxious in the presence of continual activity. Food changes, new toys in the cage, or even new furnishings in the house may all trigger compulsive plucking. As a result, before advancing, these difficulties must be addressed.

The bird has to be able to move and exercise. A cage that is too tiny might cause mental problems. It will take some careful observation to figure out what is causing your bird’s psychological troubles. Be patient and pay close attention to your bird, and the plucking will ultimately stop.

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