When Do Parrots Start Speaking?

What Is The Cheapest Parrot that ta...
What Is The Cheapest Parrot that talk?

Have you ever wondered when does a parrot start talking? Now that we have your attention, we will swiftly tell you in how many months and at what age parrots begin talking.

At what age do parrots start talking?

When they are four months old, parrots begin to vocalize for the first time. Small parrots like parakeets and lovebirds start talking between the ages of four and six months, but larger parrots like Amazon parrots and Yaco parrots don’t start talking until they are between six and twelve months old.

What does the time the parrots start talking depends on?

Sometimes it takes years for other types of parrots to learn how to converse. Keep in mind that everything is dependent on the environment that your parrot or parakeet lives in as well as the method that you use to teach it how to communicate. Read more about what to give your parrot to talk.

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