What to Feed Sun Conure Parrots?

It is not recommended that you give your conure any treats that include salt. Since they consume fruit, there are numerous delicious foods that they can nom on.

I give mine a parrot diet consisting of fruity-flavored mini pellets as their primary meal, in addition to a quality seed mix that includes white and red millet, safflower, peanuts, sunflower, pine nuts, filberts, Brazil nuts (Broken out of the shell), macadamia nuts, oats, wheat berries, and other foods of a similar nature.

I give them dried fruits such as cranberries, raisins, currants, figs, and dates, in addition to fresh fruits such as apples, pears, and melons (in moderation). I also feed them fresh greens such as steamed broccoli, frozen peas that have been boiled, carrot shreds, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob wheels, squash, and kale, in addition to a very little amount of watery lettuces such as bib and romaine (minimal).

My pet enjoys eating regular Cheerios, as well as puffed rice and oats now and then, plain shredded wheat (which makes a fantastic chew toy), and oatmeal that has been baked. They will have great happiness and good health if they consume a sufficient quantity of food of this sort. As long as you don’t let them become too used to it, a few bites from your plate shouldn’t cause too much of a problem.

Only humans should eat human food. Even if your bird-like sweet or salty junk food, you shouldn’t feed it to them since it might harm their health. * Due to their high iron content, green cabbage, avocados, onions, olives, and spinach are all considered to be poisonous.

Drinks such as sports drinks, Sobe, iced tea, and other beverages are sometimes offered to birds as treats by their owners. Even if a few sips would not make someone ill, consuming it often is not a smart idea. Avoiding these items entirely is the best course of action.

It is not inappropriate to provide them with some rice or noodles provided that it is not too salty or fatty. They consider anything you consume to be fair game and could help themselves to whatever’s on your plate. The same applies to eyeglasses.

Remember that it is preferable to steer clear of offering your bird anything that isn’t naturally found in the wild if at all possible. Candies and drinks are among the worst offenders. They may like the flavor of sodas, but the carbonation might be harmful to them since they do not burp; rather, they cough it up.

There are also things you need to steer clear of in the area of domestic chores and responsibilities. Even though you may already be aware of it, I’m going to bring it up as a helpful reminder anyhow. Teflon, spray cleaners, air fresheners, scented potpourri or candles, incense, and hair spray are all things that are not allowed.

No Pest The birds and the strips or mite bars should be kept in the same room. The strips or mite bars should have a fragrance similar to cedar (which is not a good smell), mothballs, cooking smoke, or human smoking.

Conures are hypersensitive to a wide variety of environmental irritants. Regarding the topic of food, it is not suggested to consume junk foods because of their high levels of processed sugar, salt, and fat. It seems as if you are already familiar with a great deal of information.

Getting a book or some videos about your kind of bird is almost always a good idea. Conures have a naturally long lifespan, which they will maintain provided their meals and access to treats are well monitored. If you could locate those RARE pretzels that are unsalted and low in sodium, I don’t believe it would be such a terrible thing to have them as an occasional pleasure! Have fun with your adorable little companion. I love my own!!!!!!!!!!

LAST MINUTE EDIT: Please be sure to have the phone number of an avian veterinarian (a facility that is open 24 hours a day is ideal) accessible in case of an emergency. They need very little work and simply a few phone calls, and they are completely free. In the event that you do need one, this will prevent you from being agitated. Just a kind word of advice!:) ….. PS Zoomln is totally accurate! This is also true for the pits found in fruits like apricots, peaches, and other similar fruits. THANK YOU Zoomln! I couldn’t get that one, you are very clever!!!!!!!

Other than that, make sure you learn all about keeping sun conures as pets, such as how to properly care for your conure.

Bonus: You should not feed your green-cheeked Conure apple seeds. Apple seeds contain small amounts of arsenic. At least that is what our avian vet told us.


My 3 Months Old Conure Won’t Eat Any Fresh Foods or Pellets, What to Do?

My new conure is just three months old, but she is already obsessed with her seeds and won’t eat any pellets or fresh meals. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs, and many of them claim that they are defiant little birds; however, I’m not sure whether she’s old enough for these kinds of food yet. I tried soaking the pellets and taking out the seed, but she wasn’t really interested in any of those things. I tried crushing the pellets into smaller pieces and hand-feeding them to her, but all she does is put them in her mouth, fiddle with them for a while, and then spit them out. I am at a loss for what to do, and I am concerned that her food does not have a sufficient amount of diversity!!

It seems that it takes some time for them to get used to trying various kinds of food. My Grey is so timid with new meals that it makes me crazy. However, it is helpful for her if she watches me try the new foods first. Because seeing anything new in nature might often result in one’s untimely demise, she is not a fan of novel experiences. Therefore, they keep an eye out for new things while also making an effort to avoid new things. You are essentially his parent now since in the wild they have parents who teach him what foods are and are not healthy to consume. Therefore, you need to demonstrate to them that it is okay to consume this new food, and the most effective way to do this is for them to watch you consume the food.

I have a Senegal who, when he sees me eating breakfast in the morning, will perch on his water dish and whine at me until I give him a piece of my bread. Since he is used to eating toast, he asks for some whenever I make it for breakfast. However, this took some time since it was novel at one point, and he did not consume it on the first occasion. Don’t give up just because it might take a few months at a time.

So just keep trying, it takes time. There are some birds that are more open to trying new things than others, and not all birds are as fearful as a grey. My Conure seems to be pretty outgoing, and it doesn’t take him very long to warm up to new people. Perhaps only a few weeks at the most. Keep in mind that chocolate and avocados are both harmful to birds and have the potential to make them very unwell or even cause them to pass away. And there are other kinds of food that should not be given to children.

You will need to proceed carefully and gradually reduce the number of seeds that you distribute.
The pellets should be gradually combined with her seeds in increasing amounts until one day they should be eliminated entirely.

There won’t be any birds left to perish of starvation there… Leave her pellets in one bowl, just a handful’s worth, so she won’t waste them by playing with them and put some fruit and vegetables in another bowl. Find out what kinds of fruits and vegetables she enjoys eating, and make sure that none of those foods are allowed to go bad. You can keep the fruit and vegetables fresher for a longer period of time by drizzling freshly squeezed orange juice over them. In addition, there are a lot of beans and peas that, once cooked, birds really enjoy eating… You can look this up on the internet and make a variety of different dishes. Put several jalapenos in the water, bring it to a boil, and cook it until the peas and beans are tender. Birds really like it, and you can keep the pepper in it as you drain, chill, and then store it in little resealable snack bags in the freezer, from which you may remove portions as required. My birds really like eating it.

What you are going through with your African Grey is something that I went through with my African Grey. She refused to consume her pellets and instead showed interest in eating fruits and seeds. An all-seed diet is very harmful, and in reality, one should only consume seeds sometimes as a special treat.
Pine nuts and peanuts in their shells are some of my conure’s favorite treats.

Bonus 1: Feed Roudybush pellets if you can… that is the best one out there!

Bonus 2: Try pieces of apple. Don’t cut it up too small. They do like to chew.

Bonus 3: Ask the person from whom you purchased it and give it that food. I would just determine everything she likes and prepare a special dish for her.

Go somethingcheeky for more sun conures informations.

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