What Is a Budgie Bird?

How Long Do Parakeets Live?
How Long Do Parakeets Live?

Budgies are a sort of Parakeet that originated in Australia, and Parakeets are a species of Parrot. The Normal Budgie is the sole species of Budgie (Also called the “American Budgie”). An English Budgie is a bigger-than-average (natural) Budgie that has been specifically bred for display. Budgies are the most popular pet parrots, and they need the same care and engagement as any other parrot. They are bright, humorous, full of personality, and highly sociable and gregarious young birds when dealt with.

The normal life span of these fellas is 6-9 years, with 10-12 years not being unusual.

Quick Facts

Scientific Name: Melopsittacus Undulatus
Common Name: Budgie, Budgerigar, Parakeet
Native To: Australia

Introducing my Budgie: Harry, my English Budgie hybrid enjoys cockatiel-sized toys that he can hold with his feet and shake. He basically runs the roost and keeps the other men in order. Anyone who flies out of their cage gets bothered by him, and anyone who plays with a bell without his permission gets a fuss from him. I’m a huge football lover, therefore I have to record Monday Night Football. We watch it together on Tuesday nights since he isn’t permitted to stay up that late when it’s on.

I have another Budgie from England. English Budgies are meant to be quieter and more subdued than their normal counterparts, but I guess no one told Winston that. During playtime, he and Harry are a riot; Winston seems to have a sense of humor (which Harry does not) and likes ‘pushing’ Harry’s buttons. English Budgies should have their health checked on a regular basis since they are more sensitive (than normal budgies) to infections and genetic abnormalities.

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