What Do You Do When You Find A Lovebird?

What steps can we take to bring back a lost lovebird? One of the birds that visit my mother’s bird feeders is a lovebird. She is worried about it since she is aware that it will not be able to make it through our winters and she would want to find it a home.

I am relieved to hear that both you and your mother are worried about this tiny lovie, who, for some reason, seems to have been disoriented. You are correct in assuming that the lovebird may not be able to make it through the winter in certain areas, but this would depend on where you are situated. The good news is that you still have some time to figure out how you’re going to be able to bring him in.

It is possible that this lovebird was kept as a pet at one point in its life, or at the very least, it is used to being kept in a cage and receiving food. It is my recommendation that you take a dish outdoors that is loaded with little parrot seeds and then place this dish in the region of the yard where your mother observes the bird the most often. Your objective here is to see whether you can coax the lovebird into eating from the plate you have set before it. You will need to actually SEE the lovebird eating out of the dish; other birds, including wild birds, are just as likely to try eating out of the dish as the lovebird is. Once you have seen that the lovebird is eating out of the dish, you can gradually start moving the dish each day closer and closer to a cage that you can have stationed outside. As long as the lovebird has a habit of returning to the dish and looking for it, it should follow the dish wherever you move it each day. It should not be moved an excessive amount from place to place so that the lovebird can easily keep track of it and remain at ease around it. You will eventually be able to slide the dish all the way in until it is sitting on the bottom of the cage. The door has to be propped open so that the lovebird may go inside and devour the seed. Once you are inside the cage, you may shut the door by pulling the support out from under it.

I wish you the best of success in capturing this itty-bitty lovie! I’ve never seen one in the wild before, so I came up with this idea by considering lovebirds and the fact that I know how much they enjoy their seed.

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