What Do You Do if You Find a Rare Bird? Report Parrot Sighting

If you have seen wild parrots you can participate in the collection of information about the roosting, nesting, and feeding habits of parrots.

Scientists and researchers need your information to be as complete as possible. If you are not sure about the species please refer to this Identification Guide.

If you find a dead parrot in the wild, please e-mail with the date and location. The scientists and researchers will try to arrange the pick-up of the parrot’s body. The remains will be used to obtain DNA for analysis.

The more you can tell, the more valuable your information is. Please feel free to elaborate with pertinent details of your sightings using the form below.

Thank You!

Extremely important

Date of sighting: _____________________________

Time of day       _______________ AM or PM

County of sighting __________________________

What City did you see the bird(s)? _____________________________________

Address of sighting _________________________________________________

Nearest cross street ________________________________________________

OK, now the tough part and a very important part at that!

What species of parrot did you see (check the ID page to see if you can figure out what it was) ?


Are you certain about the ID? _________ If not then provide additional details below.

If you do not know what type of bird it was please describe with as much detail as possible.

Size (sparrow, robin, crow sized or in between) ____________________

Tail shape and length (e.g. long pointed, short square, etc.) _____________________

Main plumage color _________________________________________

Other colors and location (i.e. red on forehead, yellow throat, blue central tail feathers, etc…) 


Tail color _______________ Wing color ____________________ Bill color ______________

Feet color ______________  

Please describe any other distinguishing characteristics? ________________________________


How many birds of this kind did you see? _________________ 

How many birds, that you have no clue as to what they were, did you see? _________________

What was the bird(s) doing when you saw (them)?.(flying, feeding, nesting, roosting) __________

Which direction were they flying? _________________________

What kind of object were they roosting in? __________________

What were they eating? (blossoms, leaves, fruit, nuts etc.) ______________________________

If nesting where, what type of tree, young birds, other details? ___________________________


Please add any additional details you feel might help or if you have a story about your parrot encounter please share it. 






Although it is not required, the scientists & researchers would love to know who you are! 

Name __________________________________

Address ________________________________

Phone # ________________________________

Email __________________________________ 

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