The Violet mutation is without a doubt one of the most striking mutations to emerge in recent years. In the late 1980s, researchers in Denmark discovered this mutation.

The presence of a violet factor results in a strong violet suffusion throughout the bird’s body. The rump color changes from the regular peach’s tourquoise blue to a bright purple. Violet is semi-dominant, which means that a bird with the color inherited from both parents (a “Double Factor Violet”) will have deeper, more vivid coloring than a bird with the color inherited from only one parent. Though all Double Factor birds have a strong violet color, the intensity of the violet color varies greatly between birds.

Many breeders believe that combining the violet hue with the Whitefaced Blue Mutation produces the greatest results. Some Whitefaced Blue Violets are almost totally violet birds, with a beautiful white face and a magnificent purple rump. It’s an eye-catching mix.

The presence of a single dark factor can also increase the intensity of the violet color and its distribution throughout the bird’s body. However, in a double dark factor bird, the violet color is overpowered by the dark factor and is difficult to detect.

More breeders have focused on the violet mutation in recent years, making it easier to find. Please see our Violet Show Classifications to see the various classes available for violet birds. As previously stated, violet birds vary greatly, with some showing a little peach on the forehead and others showing hints of green and blue. It’s also difficult to tell the difference between a single violet with one dark factor (Medium) and a double violet with one dark factor. When a parent bird with a double factor violet is paired with a non-violet bird, all single violet babies are produced.

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