Toys for Parrot Cage: How to Choose Guide

It may be corny, but I like to refer to the environments in which my birds live as “fidsnyland.” Maybe! ……

But I make sure to provide them with a wide selection of toys so that they never lose interest in playing, and I even provide some feeders that simulate foraging and hideouts for the times when they are by themselves…

Their mental well-being is of the utmost significance, yet it is impossible for you to be with them constantly if you are home with them all day. They should be forced to spend time by themselves in order to learn how to amuse themselves, and they should have that opportunity!

Toys are of the utmost significance in achieving this objective; nonetheless, a great number of them present a risk of injury and even death. There are dozens of toys from which to choose; nevertheless, before making a purchase, keep an eye out for the following “problematic” items:

  • Long stretches of leather, chain, rope, or wire that do not have any beads or other attachments pose a risk of suffocation or hanging if they are not properly secured.
  • Points, clips, and crevices that are sharp and can cause legs, toys, or beaks to become trapped or pierced.
  • Ropes that have been frayed, tassels, and anything else that is coated in masses of threads have the potential to ensnare, suffocate, or be consumed by animals.
  • If the chain is not made of stainless steel, it can rust, which is poisonous to birds. The links in the chain should be large enough so that birds’ feet and beaks can move freely between them without the risk of becoming trapped.
  • Clangers inside the bells, which are slivers of metal rather than rounded, heavy, and firm, can be ingested or can cut tongues and beaks (copper bells and other types of metals can oxidize and give off zinc!). If the bells are not made of stainless steel, they will rust. Nickel plating is safe, but it should be dried thoroughly by hand after washing. can be harmful over the long term).
  • Pear-shaped quick links (the top has a larger spacing than the bottom), which can kill birds by piercing their beaks if the bird gets them open or by allowing rust to form on the threads of the screw area, may also contain zinc. There have been reports of birds being killed by these quick links. To hang toys in a secure manner, you can either purchase stainless steel quick links in the appropriate size for your type of bird or use leather strips; however, as before, make sure not to leave an excessive amount of exposed leather stripping hanging anywhere in the cage. Another fantastic and economical option to hang toys is using zip ties; simply snip the ends so that they cannot be chewed on by your pet. Hangers of the key ring kind, twist ties, and dog clips with push-opening mechanisms are also dangerous; there have been several complaints of injuries to feet, toes, legs, and beaks as a result of these items.
  • If you provide your birds with Happy Huts or any other kind of sleep/play tent, you need to keep a close eye on them to ensure that they do not eat the fabric. Fabrics with a fuzzy texture may encourage chewing. If you find that your bird is chewing and swallowing materials of the terry cloth, fleece, or velour variety, you can substitute matte sorts of fabrics for those of the previously mentioned varieties.
  • It is important to ensure that the toys you buy are the appropriate size before you buy them. If the hole in the toy is large enough, your bird should be able to put its head, feet, and legs entirely through it and back out again. If the hole is too tiny, no part of your bird’s body will be able to fit through it. If you are unsure about the size of the bird toy as a whole or any of the elements used in its construction, please inquire. A Marbella bead designed for a finch could suffocate a Grey. Let the buyer always be the one to exercise caution when making a transaction!
  • Be certain that non-toxic vegetable dyes were used to tint the wood and goods that had a colorful finish. Leather shouldn’t have any added color or preservatives, and the only oils it should have are natural ones. Chemical processing may be applied to colored leather, and coloring many types of wood requires the application of chemical processing beforehand. Inquire before to making your purchase. There are a lot of toy lines on the market today, and many of them claim right up front that they only use safe, non-toxic woods and leather. These may come with a higher price tag, but “you will get what you pay for,” as the saying goes.

Both the cuttlebones and the mineral blocks, which hang from a metal clasp (which is typically included in the package), are lethal.

Please purchase more recent cuttlebones, which feature a bolt type that is similar to the ordinary perch. The use of twist ties BEHIND the mineral blocks is permissible so long as the mineral blocks themselves are secured with enough of a knot that the bird cannot get to them.

Some of the happiest times of my life have been spent observing the birds as they entertained themselves with their various playthings, and it’s clear that they enjoy a good challenge.

Don’t be cheap; instead, give them a lot, and have fun with it! In addition to that, your bird will require a solid and secure play stand. There are hundreds of them to choose from! See our links.

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