To Clip Or Not To Clip?

I haven’t cut my cockatoo’s wings in four years. He got incredibly powerful at that period, and I observed a distinct difference in his behaviour. He had considerably more freedom since he could walk throughout the room. He was able to fly back to his T-Perch to use the restroom before returning to join us. It’s very great. Normally, he would have to convey his requirements to us; however, he does have a lot of nonverbal cues he utilises to signal when he wants to go upstairs/downstairs/outside/bathroom.

He, on the other hand, became more ‘cocky.’ He’d be a bit more aggressive as a pet. When he bit, he flew away in an instant. It’s almost as if he knew he was in danger and would flee as soon as he bit. When he was completely flighted, he appeared to bite more often.

On the other hand, he didn’t get much time outside. I just cut his wings three weeks ago to give him some real outside time.

Did being flown make him happier or a better pet?

Has anybody else have similar experiences?

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