Tips For Taming A Parrotlet

Willow was so nervous when I first acquired her that I would sit and place her on my lap, with a light-weight towel beneath and over her. Then I’d put my hand inside the towel and simply keep it there. My hope was that she would get over her first trepidation and realise that my hand wasn’t going to hurt her. She’d calm down, and I’d simply sit like way a lot in the beginning. Extra tip: bring something to read otherwise you’ll be bored!

I still give Willow the flattened palm of my hand instead of the step-up. “Willow, come,” I say, as she dashes to my hand. Then I bend my thumb upward, and she joyfully sits on it, the rest of my hand arching over her back. This position seems to feel stable to her, and it also appears to provide her with greater defences against the balancing act you describe.

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