The Eclectus Group

A new group named the Eclectus Group was created this spring. For some time now, a speciality group representing the Eclectus parrots has not existed. The Eclectus Group created a formal association on May 1, 2000, with the intention of serving as a nonprofit service group for Eclectus parrot breeders. It is intended to give members with accurate and dependable information on feeding, housing, husbandry, health, illness, subspecies identification, and management. It is also intended to officially represent the interests of Eclectus parrots.

The Eclectus Group acts as the official contact for breeders of Eclectus parrots to Birdcoop. (Birdcoop is the platform where representatives from the American Zoo and Aquarium Association [AZA] and representatives from other psittacine groups exchange information and coordinate strategies for the long-term management of psittacine species in the United States.)

The Eclectus Group is headed by a four person board of directors: Joe Baker, Laurella Desborough, David Ivey and Cathy Kelly. Graham Taylor of Australia is the international consultant, while Dr. Brian Speer, a licensed avian expert, is the veterinary advisor.

The Eclectus Group welcomes the following individuals:

  • Individuals or organizations that breed Eclectus parrots.
  • Zoo bird curators and keepers working with Eclectus parrots.
  • Scientists and conservationists interested in working with Eclectus parrots.
  • Currently, there is no membership fee.

E-mail is the primary means of communication inside the Eclectus Group. If a member does not have access to e-mail, he or she may send messages by normal mail. Those interested in joining the Eclectus Group can write to Joe Baker, P.O. Box 1015, Kurtistown, HI 96760. Unless the individual agrees differently, all membership information is kept private.

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