How’s Your Thanksgiving Dinner with Budgie?

The Budgie Who Was Not Invited To Dinner

My dogs are always a lively part of the festivities. I now own a “single budgie,” but this was not always the case. We had three budgies back in 1988: Beaker, Pixie, and Sam. The “kingpin” was Beaker. He was the most energetic of us, and Sam and Pixie particularly liked to imitate him. We let them fly together, and they really became the Three Musketeers. Beaker would cruise the room, doing his job and finding places for Sam and Pixie to go.

Thanksgiving was no exception; it was their special night out. My Mom had some phone calls to make while my family was watching the usual Thanksgiving night movie. As a result, she settled on a turkey sandwich for a snack. She entered the living room carrying the lunch. I must agree that the sandwich looked fantastic – it was served on the softest, nicest bread. There was plenty of mayonnaise and fresh lettuce and tomatoes pouring out the edges. It was the essence of Christmas leftovers.

Beaker, Pixie, and Sam were out on their own. They preferred to roost near our front window, so they weren’t paying attention at first. Beaker flew over as soon as my Mom sat on the chair (which was on the opposite side of the room). He did not choose the drapes that hung over the chair. Instead, he went right for my mother. She chuckled when Beaker fell on top of her meal. She sat there, dish in hand, sandwich on sandwich, bird on sandwich. Beaker started pecking at the bread right away. He seemed to be having a good time. Pixie, his closest companion (they were cagemates), followed him over. She flew down towards my mother, who stated she was feeling like air traffic control at the time. She, too, landed on the sandwich. Pixie was now my little fightcat, and she was often scary to Beaker. So she chose to attack him. I watched as the two battled on top of my mother’s excellent turkey sandwich. They pecked each other back and forth, with Pixie usually having the upper hand. This struggle was brief (as they typically are), and she began eating as well. Beaker poked his head over the edge to devour the lettuce as they moved about, pecking the bread.

Sam wasn’t yet perched, but when he observed what was going on, he decided to join in the fun. He fell on the back of the chair since I assumed he had visual difficulties. He did, however, make his way down to my mother, creeping down her arm to the sandwich. So there they were, THEIR Thanksgiving night snack, my Three Musketeers.

Beaker was done after a time. He and Pixie and Sam both departed. My mother had to go make herself another lunch since the bread had been devoured! They soared about for almost an hour, flying down and perched on our shoulders before retiring to their cage for the night. The lesson of the story: think twice before bringing your budgies to Thanksgiving dinner. Make them a sandwich instead!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canine Pals!

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