Temperature Gun Infrared

In August of this year, we got a test unit from Pro Exotics and tested it in a number of locations and applications.

This gadget is housed in a compact, robust ABS plastic box that is approximately the size of a vehicle alarm remote. It boasts a huge LCD readout for its size and operates with a single button.

This device is great for identifying hot and cold places in your dog’s, reptile’s, or fish’s surroundings. We were able to measure hot areas in our lizard, snake, and bird cages, as well as take the water temperature of changing water for our aquariums, using an infrared beam that is safe to use around pets.

Before the temperature may be correctly determined, the device must be aimed towards the object or area to be examined for many seconds. Furthermore, this instrument is not designed or intended for use on animals and will not reliably read their core temperatures.

The carrying bag, battery, keychain adapter, and a small user manual were all included with our test item.

Our greatest issue with this item is its size. We don’t have it tied to a keychain, so since it’s so little, it “wanders” about the workplace, making it difficult to find when required.

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