Teaching Your Bird To Talk

Book Description

This parrot training book was prepared by two skilled aviculturists and goes into great detail about teaching your parrot to speak.

This parrot training book is simple to understand and gives a step-by-step strategy to teaching your parrot to communicate. It addresses issues such as:

  • Species most likely to converse
  • The physical basis behind a parrot’s ability to communicate
  • The method through which parrots learn to speak

It contains studies on regional variances in language and dialect among wild parrots and analyses the findings of Dr. Irene Pepperberg, an authoritative and well-respected researcher in the area who was extensively interviewed for this book.

This book is nicely written and contains a plethora of history, training, and research material on parrot talking. It also covers the following topics:

  • Categorises which species of parrot are likely to talk and which aren’t
  • investigate field research on regional languages and dialects of undomesticated parrots
  • Features real life, accurate accounts from owners of talking parrots
  • give explanation on the best way to handle difficulties with vocal parrots, such as screaming and using inappropriate language
  • Puts forward guidelines on feeding and housing birds, and finding an avian veterinarian

This book will provide you with the knowledge you need if you want your parrot to be able to imitate words, speak on cue, or comprehend what you are saying. This book will be a welcome addition to your collection since it is based on scientific research.

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