Sun Conure Owner’s Guide

The sun conure is a tiny parrot family bird. It is well-known for its brilliant colour patterns and intellect. If you understand what it requires and how to care for it, this bird may be a wonderful addition to your family.

From head to tail, the sun conure is just around twelve inches long. They have a huge head and a brightly coloured beak. They are frequently covered with yellow, orange, and green. Their feet are grey and their beak is black. This bird is native to eastern South America, mostly around the Amazon River. It is no longer found in as many areas as it once was because people came and took the birds to sell. They were once found in Southeast Venezuela, Northeast Brazil, the Northern Amazon, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.

Aside from its beauty, one of the nicest things about this bird is how loving it is. They are incredibly gregarious and like interacting with their owners. They will perch on your shoulder for hours and enjoy being held! You’ll have to spend a lot of time with this bird if you obtain it. This is not a timid bird at all.

Because of its intelligence, this bird can even do stunts! Some children can even be toilet trained. They can communicate, although their voices are slightly squeaky. The sun conure enjoys performing and playing for people. They also like bathing, therefore you should supply a bathing dish. If you don’t provide them with a bathing dish, they will splash about in their water bowl. You may also spritz them with a water bottle, which they adore.

This bird requires a minimum cage size of 20 inches length, 20 inches broad, and 24 inches tall. You should instal numerous perches of varying sizes in the cage. Sun conures like toys, so be sure to acquire plenty for their cage. Get a lot of toys so kids have something to do. They even like playing with toilet paper rolls!

You should feed your sun conure a pellet recipe as a foundation diet. You may also offer enhanced parrot seed to your bird. In addition to this basic diet, these birds will need fruits and vegetables. You can’t expect them to be healthy only by feeding them seeds. However, fresh items should not be left in their cage for more than a few hours. Make sure kids have access to clean water at all times. Never feed your bird avocado, cabbage, parsley, or iceberg lettuce.

Sun conures are wonderful, intriguing pets, but be warned that they may be rather loud. They typically begin to scream in the mornings and nights. It is a really loud scream. You must be ready for this. You should also keep in mind that they demand a lot of maintenance. If you take proper care of your bird, it may survive for around thirty years.

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