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We receive a lot of queries regarding which bird is ideal for someone who has never had a bird before. Because many individuals make the mistake of purchasing a bird that is too large, sophisticated, or demanding, this is an excellent beginner bird. They might rapidly get overwhelmed if they do not have prior experience rearing birds.

Sun Conures are an excellent option. They are highly lively and simple to teach and manage. They are particularly appealing because to their orange/yellow hues. And the cost is extremely cheap, falling within the “middle” bird price bracket. They are an inquisitive and interested bird. They are quite energetic and like playing in their cages or play areas. They like handing from the cage ceiling. The only disadvantage is that these birds are rather noisy. They will scream for attention or will scream over any distractions. This may make them an excellent “watchdog,” but it is not ideal if you live in an apartment.

Sun Conures are native to the northeastern coast of South America. Their feathers are primarily green when they are young. Their plumage becomes more vibrant in yellow and orange as they mature. They are a resilient bird that may live for 15 to 25 years if properly cared for.


Sun Conures are South American natives, hence their food comprises of fruits, berries, and seeds. However, like with any confined bird, you must supplement their food with nutrients that are deficient in their diet. We propose supplementing his fruits and vegetables with a high-quality pellet food.

This is quite simple with our Sun Conures. They are apple suckers! We’d take an apple and thread it through a skewer before hanging it from the ceiling of their cage. It was gone in less than one hour! You may simply enhance their diet with this information by injecting vitamins into the fruit or slicing it into cubes and dusting supplements over it.


Sun Conures need regular workout. My favourite technique is to let them to play on top of their cage in a playgym or to provide an extra spacious cage. At least 24 inches is recommended. Fill the cage with toys and perches so they may climb and play.

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