Some Of The Birds To See At Featherdale.

The Laughing kookaburra

The chuckling kookaburra was another tiny fellow we were pleased to see. The kookaburra is the kingfisher’s biggest member. If they grab live lizards or other creatures, they will smash them against a tree or rock to kill them. In addition, if humans give them food, such as bread, they will hammer it against a tree or rock to ‘kill’ it. This tiny boy was kind enough to be petted. His piercing cry could be heard across the park.

The kookaburra’s loud cry seems to be used to announce its territory to other birds in the region. From our house in Kingswood, we may sometimes hear the kookaburras’ raucous laughing. The kookaburra is described in Groliers Encyclopedia.

{kook’-uh-bur-uh} The kookaburra, often known as the laughing jackass, is a huge and raucous Australian woodland bird. Despite being a member of the kingfisher family, Alcedinidae, order Coraciiformes, the kookaburra does not consume fish and instead feeds on huge insects, tiny reptiles and amphibians. The kookaburra is bigger than other kingfishers, reaching a maximum length of 47 cm (18.5 in) and sporting a 10-cm (4-in) beak, but its brown and tan plumage is unappealing by kingfisher standards. Kookaburras deposit 2 to 4 white eggs in tree holes or termite nests throughout the spring. Their booming calls, which sound like human laughing and are usually chorused at dawn and sunset, are one of the distinctive sounds of the Australian woods.

The sulpher crested cockatoo

Anyone who has met our adorable little bird Sampson will understand why we spend so much time in this cage. These birds were full of character and reminded us of our tiny bird who lived 15000 kilometres away. These birds were quite chatty and eager to be stroked through the cage. One arrogant bird (I understand why they’re called cocky here) thrust his tongue out at us. He did it more and more as we laughed. If you allowed them, they’d put their foot out of the wire cage and grasp your finger. This small boy took my cap. For those that aren’t acquainted with the cockatoo, here’s a sulpher crest.

The birds all murmured a heartfelt “Goodbye” to us as we departed. Groliers had the following to say about the sulpher crested cockys: Cacatua galerita, sometimes known as the sulfur-crested cockatoo, is a raucous trickster found in Australia, New Guinea, and New Britain. It can even be trained to speak, but this is uncommon. To avoid being disoriented when flying over the thick rain forest in search of food, it communicates with other members of its species in the trees.

Two wattled cassowary

Birds don’t get much stranger than this. This bird is around the size of an ostrich or an emu, but look at his head.

This bird is a true throwback to the dinosaur era. This bird has the ability to murder a man. I wish I had a larger image so you could see this monster. He has this tough bony growth on his head to keep him safe as he goes through the jungle. The bony growth shatters the tree branches along his way.

The Emu’s

The emus were fascinating. Their feathers were a little scruffy, but they draped well over these large bohemeths like an old women shawl. They have massive legs that enable them to sprint quickly. At Koala Park, Rhonda and I had them eating out of our hands. To my chagrin, when I joined the Grade 3 class to Koala Park, the youngsters had a great time chasing the emu (and the emu I am sure). When the emu wheeled around and began pursuing them, the tables were turned. They began yelling and fleeing in all directions. I thought this was amusing, but I was worried that the kids might enjoy being followed by the emu again, this time literally!

Groliers had the following to say about the emu: Dromaius novaehollandiae, family Dromiceidae, order Casuariiformes, is found across Australia’s open terrain. Except for the ostrich, the mature emu is around 1.5 m (5 ft) tall and weighs about 55 kg (120 lb). Emus can run up to 50 km/h (30 mph), defend themselves with kicks, and swim effectively. Both sexes have brownish grey hairlike plumage. For roughly 60 days, the somewhat smaller male incubates a clutch of 8 to 10 dark green eggs, each weighing about 0.7 kilogramme (1.5 lb). The emu has been used as a food source and features on the Australian coat of arms. Farmers, on the other hand, often see it as a problem since it may breach fences and munch on crops (while also eating many insects). Smaller species were wiped off by inhabitants on neighbouring islands, but Australian emus survived even a short “emu war” in 1932, when machine guns were used to mass-kill them.

Black cockatoo

What can I say about these individuals? Very attractive. Their wings and tailfeathers are solid black with some orangey-red coloration. On the underground market, a bonded pair of black cockatoos may fetch $25,000 per bird.

The Tawny Frogmouth

This man, who looked like an owl, was rather adorable. I was able to obtain a good image of this person by getting near to him.

Fairy penguin

This is Australia’s sole penguin species (as far as I know). The birds all return from the sea to their nests at the same time when the fairy penguin comes in (known as the “march of the fairy penguin”) on areas of Australia’s Southern Coast. At this time, hundreds of birds will emerge from the water at once. This is something I’d want to see. However, it is quite a distance from Sydney.

These penguins seemed to be having a good time. Fantastic in-ground pool with a comprehensive subterranean tube system and plenty of food. I’d be willing to move in with them if they provided a stereo system.


This is the only real stork in Australia. It spear fish with its large, long beak. However, its filthy legs freaked Rhonda and me out.

A pelican

This large man was roaming about, but he was not pleased when he ran into the black swan.

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