Soaking And Sprouting Seeds Made Easy

There is a widespread belief that sprouting is difficult and risky. And that is correct if done incorrectly. Actually, many things are harmful if not done correctly. For a long time, I was cautious about explaining and teaching others how to sprout. It is true that if sprouted or soaked seeds are kept in water for too long or are not washed frequently, they go bad and may grow fungus, bacteria, and other organisms. But what fresh or prepared meal, free of preservatives, does not accomplish the same? It’s simply a question of doing things correctly and having clean seeds. It’s really easier and quicker than preparing for our fids.

Dried seeds like little treasure boxes. All of the nutrients required for a plant’s survival are dormant inside them. We awaken this latent treasure via sprouting. Most seeds reach their nutritional optimum after around 48 hours of sprouting. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll, amino acids, fatty acids, and other nutrients that only Mother Nature can give. They are also easier for the body to use in this form. Soaking and/or sprouting a variety of seeds and legumes provides nutrients to birds that pellets, dried seeds, and supplements cannot.

Soaked and sprouted seeds are so high in nutrients that every bird should consume them. So when the Organic Soak and Sprout Mixes were available, I was overjoyed. “Now that’s so simple, anybody can do it,” I thought.

Taylor, my business partner at Your Parrot Place, does not cook. Taylor’s most recent culinary endeavor was putting a Papa Murphy’s pizza in the oven. But she astonished me by researching sprouting gadgets and discovering EasySprout. I tested it after she ordered it (I thought). I’ve been sprouting for many years and have retired my “professional” sprouting equipment since this is so simple to use. But my true surprise came when I arrived at Taylor’s residence and saw a “EasySprout” with growing seeds inside. It has nothing to do with the overnight seed mix. She had taken the sprouting mix and was getting ready to sprout. She handed me the EasySprout box and stated, “Step by step instructions are provided on the back of the box. You can’t possibly go wrong.” There will always be someone who will find a way to do it incorrectly. But she’s correct: with the Organic Soak and Sprout Mixes and the EasySprout, practically anybody can do it.

Given that most of the seeds our birds would eat in the wild would be germinated, how nutritious soaked and sprouted seeds are, and how simple it is to prepare them, we should include some of them on their menu at least a few times per week.

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