Showing Your Parrotlet


There is no necessity for a parrotlet to wear a leg band in order to be shown. If a parrotlet is earning points toward champion or grand champion rank, it should have a band, however it may be an open band. Champion and grand champion parrots must be banded, according to the Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors. They must also wear an SPBE-issued leg band or have the band registered with the Society. However, any bird may participate and win without wearing a leg band.


Spray your parrotlet multiple times a day with clean, clear fresh water in the weeks leading up to the event. Some individuals put all kinds of substances in their water, some of which are potentially hazardous. On your parrotlet, always use fresh, clean water with no additives. Grooming should not be left till the last minute. If you want to trim your nails or beak, do it at least two weeks before the event. To eliminate pin feathers, brush the head and neck with a toothbrush or VelcroTM every few days. Ruffled feathers should not be trimmed or pulled. A ruffled feather is preferable than a missing one. Use no oil or other substance to improve the beak or feet. When oil is rubbed on a parrotlet’s feathers, it might cause it to lose heat. It also seems unnatural, which the court will detect and criticize.

Show Cages

There are no cage requirements for parrotlets, as previously stated. There are, however, cages designed expressly for exhibiting. If you want to exhibit often, a high-quality display cage is definitely worth the expense. On all sides save the front, the cages are coated with wood or plastic. For parrotlets, love bird size boxes are advised. Replacement perches should be 1/2″ dowels. A cage with two perches works best for parrotlets. Toys are not permitted, and the cage should not have any marks that may be used to identify the owner. Water and food containers should be provided in each cage (although food is usually used as a bottom covering).

Show Cage Training

It is critical that your parrotlet act properly in the display box. A judge may have to ignore a physically superior bird because it refused to remain on a perch or budge from the cage bars. If you plan ahead of time, your parrotlet’s experience will be much more favorable.

Leave your parrotlet alone in the exhibition cage for an hour or two, with food and drink. Repeat for many days, or until the parrotlet feels at ease and sits on the perches. Next, take a dowel and carefully move the parrotlet from perch to perch. If the parrotlet falls to the floor, remove the dowel and let the bird return to the perch. Thank you. Continue to work slowly and softly until the parrotlet can readily hop back and forth without collapsing.

Once the parrotlet has acquired this ability, it is critical that they get used to varied environments and distractions. Move the cage from one room to another, don various hats or sunglasses, and invite your friends over to have a peek. Try to introduce the parrotlet to as many various people and environments as possible so that it can sit like a rock on the display bench.

Before the Show

Once you’ve decided on a show to attend, get the specific venue, start time, and deadline for registering birds. Get a map and start planning your itinerary as soon as feasible. Make hotel accommodations if required. Most clubs establish agreements with nearby hotels to provide exhibitor discounts. Pack a spray bottle, a tiny stapler, pens, a toothbrush, VelcroTM, a plastic sandwich bag, additional food and drink containers, a favorite toy, food, millet spray, and bottled water in a show bag. Pack a towel large enough to cover the cage as well. Because many programs keep the lights on at night, a towel will guarantee a restful night’s sleep. Make a note of your parrotlet’s band number and keep it in your show bag.

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