24+ Short Modern Poems About Birds

Roses are red, violets are blue…

Short Love Poems Page 2
Short Love Poems Page 2

Here’s your invitation to take a ‘crack’ at your literary talent.

We are collecting the best poems about your Pet Bird or about birds in general.

You can send in your own special poem and read the most recent ones below.


I think that I have never heard,
A poem as sweet as a bird
Who is cheerful all live-long day
Then I sing hip-hip harray
And I think I will call him Tim

By Samantha B.

*Birds* (anecdote)

I beg my parents, every single night.
Every time, I hear the same words.
I hear them say “no, you can’t have a bird.”

My face droops in sorrow as I walk away.
Finally, after asking more than a million times, they say “okay”.
I am so excited and we get them the next day.

Once I get them, I wait.
I wait till their comfortable.
When their ready to sing and come out and play.

Randy Colclough


If I were a bird, to utter my first word
I truly would wish to say you humans are absurd
With all us wonderful creatures: First, upon an un-polluted earth
You crowd us out, with too many a human birth
Then flock to the zoos with camera and kid
Our habitats ruined, This is what you did
Then fail to lay claim
our pending extinction:
Human population is to blame
When ‘too’ few a wise humans; in protest explain
The rest of you in unison resist and complain
If these humans dare to utter, without us animals you can’t exist
The rest of you question: What are you, an activist?
The next time you visit a creature at the zoo
Ask yourself, without us whatever will you do?

C.R. Ying
     North Carolina


My little birds are so sweet
Perhaps, it’s true their not so neat
What such joy
they bring each day
One look at their sweet faces
erases any traces
of sadness away
Little angels in disguise
Who could doubt that they are wise
How do you correct the little creature
When their antics resemble a comedy feature
With a will so strong, I admire
Independence they desire
When dinner is over , the day is gone
Tomorrow will begin with a soft sweet song
This endless love I must relate
Is truly an act of heavens’ fate

C.R. Ying
     North Carolina


Mo-Mo was special in every way
Not ‘just’ a Cockatiel, of common gray
He was so wise beyond his years
When I think of him, I shed more tears
Before he passed he learned to fly
I don’t know who was happier, he or I
He stole my heart right from the start
When Mom wasn’t looking
Dad, would give him a bite of his Pop-tart
I’ll never forget that little guy
Nor, would I have a reason to try
I love you Mo-Mo
In the heavens’
now you must fly
Till one day we unite in heavens’ sky

     North Carolina

My fight with depression was long and severe

My fight with depression was long and severe
Then I met my Girl, I knew hope was near.
She flies to my shoulder and begs for a kiss
She ruffles her feathers when beak meets my lips.

Who could feel so sad, when I’m really proud
She’s learned many whistles, though little too loud.
She chases my plate, when dinner times here
Oh gosh what a mess, is my “Dirt Devil” near?

Before lights go out, we watch TV shows
Does she know the plot, who really knows?
She plays with my hair, now mine sticks up too
My cockateil’s gray, I’m no longer blue.

B. Dawn

Feathers Feathers Everywhere

Feathers Feathers Everywhere
Even some upon my hair
In my face and up my nose
Give them grace
Your smile shows

Feathers come and feathers go
Sometimes fall all in a row

Don’t be sad
only glad
Cause soon they’ll be smooth again
Until the next molt shall begin

Feathers Come and Feathers Go…

Shirley Clark
     Lutino Cockatiel-Lucky…PFLB-Zoey…
     Parakeet-Dale…Gouldian Finch-Typo

Feather Grace~

There are things I’ve seen, here of late,
That ache my heart
Teach it to hate

Dark eyes that stare, so brightly awake
Deeply scarring apart
Dare I to reach and take

What some fool unknown as yet to me
Was left behind, uncared
Wanted only conveniently

A life is a life, no matter the race
A love for the feather
A grace of smile on your face

Everything I’ve asked is small
Everything I need but wee
Everything, no, you’re all.





CABO June 1984 – August 1995

a little
blue and white
fluffy flier
flashing by
again and again
singing pico, pico, pico
making joy and creating love
no more
a fluffy flashy flier
singing, pico,pico,pico
now only blue and white
fluffy stillness
bringing tears


It all began when I was Six

It all began when I was Six
One budgie that’s all I started with
and from that budgie my collection grew
Peachfaces, regents and cockatiels
But five or six was not enough
I wanted something bold
I wanted something bright
The Sun Conure it caught my eye at that very first sight
The sun conure is an exotic
I had no cash in my short pocket
So like a tenacious bull I had set my mind on buying them
But still this was not enough
I wanted something fun
I wanted something creative
The Quaker
To watch this bird build its nest
is like watching a man build a house
And as the years have pasted my collection has
Just grown grown grown
And in the morning all you hear is the
Chatter of the lorikeets
The screech of the sun conures
The scream of the Galah
The chirp of the peach faces
And a Silent beep, beep from the finches
As they wisps through the air
Although the noise drives my brother crazzy
And breeding exotics are not as easy
But there is always a good side of them

By David Young

My little bird you were so sweet

My little bird you were so sweet
sent down from the heavens sky to me
I have no idea why
you were the sunshine in my day
special in every way
How you would run around
and play through the short summer days
When I came home you ran to me
Across the room looking up at me
from your short little world
It is an unforgettable love

Vicky Garcia, 9
Colorado Springs, Colorado


C ool
O riginal
C aring
K ind
A wesome
T iny
I ntelligent
E xcellent
L oveable
S ensitive

Vicky Garcia, 9
Colorado Springs, Colorado

One day when I grow older

One day when I grow older,
Wings, I wish to sprout,
So I can jump into the sky,
Fly round and all about.

Someday, when I am wiser,
I’ll > look up in the sky,
Spread my wings and glide,
Through clouds of cotton and sigh.

One day, when I
> become a hawk,
Or an eagle, tall and proud,
The day when I’m a lovely Macaw,
In a beautiful and > colorful shroud.

I’ll be free with all the other birds,
A flyer,
Oh so true I’ll be one… With the sky,
The > sky above that’s blue.

Emily ‘Tiel Kid’ Briggs, Age 12, USA

Said a bird to a boy

> Said a bird to a boy,
“What would you be?
A Hawk, and Eagle?”
“Uh-uh, not me!”

Said the bird to the boy,
> “Tell me, why not?
The sky that is blue,
Is a wonderful spot!”

“So, tell me now boy,
Would you be a > Macaw?”
“Nope not me, You’ve got it all wrong!”
“Fine, tell me then, boy, What would you be?”
“I’d > be a tiel, Cuz a tiel is for me!”

Emily ‘Tiel Kid’ Briggs, Age 12, USA

There are birds who are big and tall

There are birds who are big and tall
But the one I have is so very small.
He is indeed green and yellow
And brought up to be so very mellow.
He walks around the entire house
Then walks on the floor like a little mouse.
He chirps and sings
And flaps his wings.
He sits on my shoulder
While I write in my folder.
He will be mine always and forever
As we shall live happily together.

Diana Martucci

With your wings held high

With your wings held high
You put a smile on my face
With all your might
You always left your trace
Never did I see you frown
For your smile was never upside down
Why is it that you loved me so
was I part of your soul
You were always by my side
And although you are no longer on my shoulder
I can still feel your presence
Your fluff warming my heart
I will always miss you
And I know the favor will be returned some day
For when I see you once again
It will be in the sky where
You will once again hold your wings up high


Something to Share

” Bird crazy ” is what they call me.
And parrots are my game.
This name I have been given.
Is an honor, not a shame.

I love them. I care for them. I comfort them too
I also work with humans
and teach them to follow through.

When you bought this lovely creature.
You probably did not know.
Just how very smart it was.
Nor how your life would go.

Sometimes they bite. Sometimes they scream
They make lot’s of messes too.
Another thing to remember is;
They’ll probably out live you.

Parrots are wild creatures
But live in homes you see.
They depend on us to give to them.
All the things they need.

They need to have their showers.
Don’t forget their Doctor too.
They cannot live on seed alone.
So Sad That many do.

They need Love and Understanding
when they are scared or hurt or sad.
They do not understand it when
we are tired, stressed, or mad.

We must always remember.
They were meant to be free.
We must give them more than just a cage.
For they would really like a tree.

So when you take a parrot home.
Please keep these things in mind.
It’s up to you to understand
And always to be kind.

Tammy Murphy

that handsome head

that handsome head
with a mighty beak,
hands like fists are
where there should be feet.

wonderful colours cover
your shape, enough splendour
to make a person gape.

a wise old head with
muppet like face, makes
you a welcome site in any place.

we gave you a name but
you choose your own,
a parrot is a treasure
in our humble home.

Carl Spencer

Roses are Red

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
I love my sweet parrot
And he loves me too!



Ever since they got that bird
They have never spent any time with me
But what am I suppose to do
Well I sit in the corner wishing that I had never been born
I see everybody’s eyes around the bird and I wish it could be me
Then my parents go on a trip
I look at the bird with meanness
But then it shouts, “I love you”
Directly to me
Then I burst out
I was never mad just so in love I didn’t know it
He is the one I savor and now
Instead of a frown I wear
An upside down one!


All on a summer’s night

A budgie opened his beady eyes
And stared a bit at those pesky flies;
He hopped and jumped
And his crop he plumped,
All on a summer’s night!

The budgie propped and scratched his head
He had this itch that was driving him mad;
He stumbled down
And broke his crown,
All on a summer’s night!

Jesmond Mifsud


I think that I have never heard
A poem lovely as a bird,
Who nestles in cathedral spires
And ornaments our telephone wires,
Who perches high in trees to watch
And spends the day in twittering klatsch.
Cheerful all the livelong day,
They tell us good news in their way;
Reminding us that love is free,
As close to angels what we see.
Poems by me are quite absurd,
But only God can make a bird.

Mark W. Terpin

The Captive Parrot

Magnificent creatures, what a wonderful sight,
When a colorful bird, takes off in a flight,

What beautiful wings, so high in the air,
Oh what i’d give, to dwell with them there,

Captured and bred, till they could no longer see,
how to live in their world, nor what its like to be free,

Its so sad how they live, confined to one spot,
Cannot perch in a tree, nor be part of a flock,

They’ve been brought in our homes, their will not in thought,
We’ll just have them as pets, whether they care or not,

Their ways we have changed, their homes we have burned,
Yet what have they shown us, but love in return?

To them we owe a lifelong debt,
How dare we mistreat them, and call them a pet?

Forgiving and trusting, our patience they need,
They cant stay in a cage, or be fed only seed,

Their spirit is high, though a prisoner they live,
What can we do, to match what they give?

What precious angels, they are indeed,
The least we can do, is provide what they need,

So remember your task, when it seems hard to do,
Your kind loving friend, will appreciate you.

Dennis Williams
Tulsa, OK

The Day we Met

The day we met,
wasn’t a regret.
By the time I saw you,
you were 1 out of 4.
I picked you up with good luck
that you will be mine always.
My wish came true until the day you flew:
but since then our love has grown into a circle of trust.

Stephanie USA, Florida
Dedicated to my bird Tucan


The first time I saw you,
I knew that it was true.
You were only a tender 3 weeks old
But I knew I had to have you!

You brought to me so much joy,
Laughter, smiles and tears.
I never thought I could love a bird
And relinquish all my fears.

The day I had to give you up
I thought my heart would literally break.
For the car accident I had a month before,
My independence, it would take.

I knew I could no longer take care of you
And you only deserved the best
So finding someone to be your new “mom”
I would make that my only quest.

It has now been a few years since I gave you up
And my heart still aches for your sweet kiss.
But I know your new “mom” loves you
And I pray you will live a life full of bliss!

God bless you and
I still love you, Meeko!

[email protected]

I wish I could fly

I wish I could fly
Way up high
Into the puffy clouds
When I fly high
I can eat a chicken pie

I wish I could fly
Up in the sky
And see all the little cars
From way up from the stars

I wish I could fly
Right up in the sky
And see all you people
Sitting on top of the church steeple

I wish I could fly
I wish
I wish
I wish I could fly

Timothy Challis

I Know…

I know I’m only 9 years old…
I know you’re in a white hard shell….
I know I’m going to be a grandmother…
I know I heard our little voices following thought my head…
I know you don’t know me but when we do I’ll always love you…
I know I should be thanking you, my teacher that brought me to a world of you… cockatiels!

Erica E.

Up in the sky so far

Up in the sky so far,
Sparkle a star,
A forming picture is shown,
Its a bird you have known,

Even if your bird die(R.I.P. for your bird) or flew away,
Remember that it is in your heart till this very day,
If they are being mean or sweet,
Always give kindness to your parrot or parakeet,

If your planning to train them don’t have a fuss,
Because it will take some time and no need for a rush,
So support them with trust and care,
Show them a home and treat them fair,

Stephanie Sweet Keets

I am a beautiful budgie

I am a beautiful budgie
Feathers so vivid & bold
My beak is extremely sharp
I can do many things you can
I can rotate my head 180 degrees
I adore masses of attention
I am an offspring from the parrot family
I’m really simple to train
They are heaps of other cool stuff I can do
But for now this will have make-do

Katherine Say, England


Have you heard about the African Grey
Have you heard what they can say
It said “hello” to me
and it can count 1 2 3
it copyed the telephone
oh ya and it can moan

estee-rose resnick

You were brought down from the heavens, My baby cockatiel.

You were brought down from the heavens, My baby cockatiel.
You stole my heart, And never gave it back.
I never forgot you, I knew you were close.
Although your not here I know your near, Deep down in my heart.
I shall see you again My beautiful star Up in the heavens it isn’t far
But till now I shall keep Your spirit close.

Mariel Fulham Sydney, NSW

Kookaburra’s Tree

I wish I was a kookaburra high up in a tree,
I would sit and watch the goings on beneath me
Rabbits running in and out of the borrows in the ground.
Look a dater at the river, pearing fish with a beak like an arrow.
What a funny pair of parrots, clowning around, hanging upside down on a telephone wire.

High up in my tree, I could laugh and sing, feel the free blowing wind, while basking in the sun.
I see all kinds of people hurrying about their business,
HEY! stop look at me! here in my tree.
Please take the time to think about what beauty is really FREE.

Marilee R. D’Souza


L oving!
O h so cute!
V ery nice!
E verything cool!
B rilliant!
I ncredible!
R adical!
D aring!
S weet!


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