Selecting A Cage

The many forms and colors of cages are appealing, but make your final decision based on practical factors. Is the cage equipped with the following features?

  1. A bottom tray that pulls out for easier cleaning.
  2. A bottom grate or grill placed several inches above the tray to keep birds away from excrement and abandoned food. (It also reduces the need for paper shredding.)
  3. A seed guard or flared apron that directs trash to the cage’s bottom and away from the floor.
  4. A spacious entrance door for convenient access to your bird, as well as secure door and feeding port fasteners.
  5. A few horizontal bars to aid in climbing.
  6. A sufficient number of feeders to provide for different dishes for water, seed, fruits and vegetables, and treats. (Buy additional dishes when you buy the cage to guarantee clean dishes every time you replenish food and water.) Outside access feeders for convenience and to reduce the possibility of territorial birds escaping or biting.
  7. If breeding is desired, a nest box access door.
  8. A handle for transporting tiny cages. Large cages may be moved more easily using wheels or casters.
  1. Cage-top gyms and perches are essential components of many big cage designs. Some tiny cages now have these, as well as landing platforms and other play places. Bolt-on perches and gyms can turn any cagetop into a playpen!
  2. A shelf or cabinet on the stand underneath the cage to easily store the cage cover and other supplies.

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