Screaming Parrot – Put An End To Your Bird’s Screaming


“How do I stop my blue fronted Amazon parrot from screaming? She cries whenever we leave the room. We tried showering her with water, clapping our hands loudly, and other things. If we can’t get her behaviour under control, we’ll have to find her a new home.”

Mrs. Barbara F.

My Comments

I can immediately spot two major errors in your writing from only one paragraph. I’ll get to them later…

To begin, let me distinguish between persistent ear-piercing, nerve-racking, obvious yelling (which must be addressed) and a parrot’s “call to the flock” (which you should not attempt to stop)

Most parrots “call to the flock” multiple times every day, generally in the morning, around noon, and at twilight, which is a fully normal activity since birds are social creatures.

You cannot and SHOULD NOT try to halt this natural process. This flock calling is a parrot’s means of assessing whether or not flock members are present, and it’s merely checking in on you since YOU are a member of the parrot’s flock!

Now for the irritating, ear-piercing yelling that drives you insane…

Before trying to remedy any screaming issue, you must first check that there is no medical cause by getting medical assessment from a licenced avian veterinarian.

Just like a human kid, there are several reasons why birds may scream. You can’t immediately determine what’s wrong with your child if you hear him crying upstairs, can you? You must conduct an investigation…

I’ll address one of them in this essay. –

Consider whether or not YOU have taught the bird to scream. Barbara, you indicated that you clap your hands loudly to quiet her down. You’re essentially supporting this yelling behaviour…


When a parrot yells and the owner responds by screaming back, the bird learns that screaming is an ACCEPTABLE way of communication.

The bird owners respond by yelling back, hurling objects at the bird, dousing the bird with water, and so on. This human response is unpleasant, but it is a reaction nevertheless, which is precisely what the parrot wanted in the first place! As a consequence, some parrots get puzzled and unsure how to respond, but since they’ve learnt to scream, this is how they react!

You must realise that certain parrots shout to grab your attention!

By the way, don’t use water as a form of punishment… Then you wonder why the parrot refuses to take a wash.

Simply said, if there is a lot of shouting or commotion in the house, a parrot may believe it is appropriate to scream in order to be heard, or that screaming is a natural part of life.

Aren’t they fascinating tiny creatures?


To modify the undesirable habit, the cycle must be ended. Praise your bird when it does not scream, but never reward it when it does.

A reward might be as simple as your gaze.

You must…


If you must, walk outdoors, use ear plugs, lock yourself in a room, or move out of ear range, but DO NOT reinforce screaming behaviour by showing your bird any response to it.

However, after the shrieking has stopped, lavish your bird with attention and affection.

Try the strategies I’ve mentioned and let me know how your parrot goes.

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