Ruby Macaw Personality

The ruby macaw is a hybrid; look at the chicks in a picture to see their festive plumage.

The geographic range of these birds is limited to South and Central America; it is common in the Amazon basin and is found in the canopy of rainforests at the altitude up to 1000 meters. These birds are brightly colored, ranging from deep red to yellow and blue. 

The face of these parrots of the genus Ara has a mask of short feathers. The eyes of these birds are light yellow; the beak is black on the bottom and light on the top; the feet are black. The average body length of this species is 90 cm.

There is a lot of macaw information out there but you really need to match it with a picture; a breeder can provide a lot of answers to your questions.

The prices for such parrots vary from $300 to $3000 depending on the species, color variety and age of the pet bird. As trade in wild caught parrots is banned, it is possible to purchase such a pet from reputable aviculturists only. 

Parrots of these species are very popular as family companions. Though not great talkers, they have a gentle and quiet nature and can be affectionate and playful for many years. If the owner makes efforts, it is possible to train the bird several words. You can buy chick from reputable breeders; photos are useful if the bird is not on hand.

A macaw bird is one of the most well-known exotic bird; just looking at a picture of this bird in an aviary will brighten your day. These parrots are mostly very bright, ranging from solid grayish green to golden, hyacinth, scarlet, and violet. All parrots of the genus have a bold facial mask, which is individual in every creature. The lifespan of these parrots varies from 15 to 30 years. There are about 30 species of Macaw parrots. In the wild, they live in tropical forests and savannahs of South America and Africa, but their numbers continuously decrease because of environmental pollution, habitat destruction and pet trade. Some species live only in captivity nowadays. 

Some pets are being set loose into the wild; others are relinquished to shelters or kept in small cages in poor conditions, only because their owners have discovered that parrots are awful pets only after buying one.

Although smart and affectionate, parrots may be very noisy and require much space and constant communication; otherwise they become aggressive and irritated. Parrots are not the right pets for any family, because they are difficult to keep and require special care

All parrots of the genus Ara have a bald facial mask around the eyes. Their bill is strong enough to chew branches and break metal cages. These parrots are popular pets, which are easy to tame, feed and breed in captivity. Macaw pics are considered art by some; a picture of a chick is visually dazzling. 

If you are interested in more about macaws, visit here for more information.

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