Red Fronted Macaw Personality

The personality of these birds is rather friendly; they have pleasant voices and are easy to teach new words. To become a good companion and talker, these pets should always be around people. The diet of these parrots should consist of corn and peanuts.

The scientific name of this species is Ara rubrogenys. These parrots are much smaller than most other species. The average body length of this species is about 2 feet, which is a foot smaller than their other relatives.

The smaller species can be the most challenging to own. It is important to find out as much as possible about the species you are going to acquire. Learn about housing and keeping requirements before you bring a pet home.

This is perhaps one of the most coveted birds in aviculture. These are certainly the largest parrots, though there are some types that rank amongst the smallest parrots, as well. These birds are very intelligent and can be very comical and affectionate.

A red fronted macaw breeder is a good source for information on these birds. Check the online database of breeders near you.

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