Red-Bellied Parrots – Species Profile

The Poicephalus Genius includes the Red-Bellied Parrot. Meyer’s, Senegal, Jardine’s, and the brown-headed parrot are all Poicephalus Parrots.

Species: P. refiventris (red belly), P. senegalus (Senegal), P. meyeri (Meyer’s), P. gulielmi (Jardine’s), and P. cryptoxanthus are the species (brown head)

Coloring / Size: Chest feathers are either red-orange (male) or green (female). The majority of the body is gray-green with red flecks. Wings are a dark grey color. Red-Bellies are somewhat bigger than Senegals, about 8 to 9 inches in length.

Originating Country: An African native. In particular, in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Possible life span: 25 to 35 years

Overall personality: outgoing and self-sufficient, yet kind and gentle. Some owners claim that poicephalus parrots in general may swiftly switch moods, almost as if they had a dual personality. (Though, what parrot doesn’t?) According to Your Parrot Place Newsletter subscribers, they are quite the comedians.

Noise Level: The Poicephalus species is not renowned for shouting or being generally boisterous and raucous; in fact, they are one of the more calm parrot species. Red-Bellies can communicate, although their language is typically restricted. They are, however, intelligent and frequently speak with understanding. They can also whistle well.

Cages: A 20″x20″x28″ cage or larger with 34-inch bar spacing is recommended.

Sexting: Red-Bellied Parrots are one of the few sexually dimorphic parrots. Adults are clearly distinguished. The female has a green belly, while the male has a red-orange belly. Both young birds have orange-colored bellies.

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