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It may be more vital than you realize to keep track of your birds on paper. When you just have a few birds, such records may not seem essential, but we all begin with a few birds. This cockatie breeding hobby appears to grow on a lot of people, and before you know it, a “few” has evolved into a quite huge number. Knowing which birds are generating specific qualities is quite beneficial, and pedigrees may be extremely useful in pairing together pairs of birds to breed. Aside than that, it’s a lot of fun! One of my favorite aspects about breeding cockatiels is maintaining records.

ACS offers two forms available for purchase via the ACS sales shop (mentioned on the back page of your ACS Magazine) that may make record keeping extremely simple and orderly. They are pedigree cards and breeding record sheets. Order these, and they will permanently revolutionize the way you maintain records.

The pedigree cards are excellent tiny 4 X 6 cards with a lot of information on them. Each bird in your collection should have its own card. It indicates the color, band number, gender, and hatch date. A three-generation pedigree is sketched out. On the reverse of the card is a form for recording show details. You may also use the back to record health, weight, and breeding information. In a filing box, I store my cards in numerical order.

I can get detailed information on each bird I own in a matter of minutes. I categorize the file box as follows: Babies, Adults, Sold Birds, and History (Deceased birds). If a bird is put up for breeding, I place a little sticky note to the card with the cage number. If I sell the bird, I make a note on the card with the buyer’s name and address, the date and the price of the transaction, and put the card in the sold birds area. If a bird dies, the date of death and any comments about the situation are recorded to the card, which is then put in the history section. (I liked the term “history” more than “dead.”) Because each bird’s card is stored in its own area, I always know where each of my birds is and what they have done. If a consumer asks for information on a bird he bought many years ago, detailed information on his bird is just a minute away.

ACS breeding record papers are the finest thing since sliced bread! They provide a simple and orderly method for keeping accurate records of all breeding activities of each breeding pair of birds. Each breeding pair should be assigned a pair number and a breeding record sheet. The sheet includes a three-generation pedigree as well as a section for recording the date the pair was put up and the date the pair was rested. There is a section for recording all hatched babies, as well as their color, hatch date, sex, band number, and even notes. At a look, you can determine how many children a couple has had and who they were. These papers are the perfect size for keeping in a notepad. In the front of my “Breeding notebook,” I maintain an index recording the band number, color, hatch date, and pair number they came from, listed numerically by band number. This helps me to quickly discover the pair number from which a certain baby was born and then go to that pair’s breeding record page for more additional information. I’ve long concluded that if our home were to catch fire, the first personal property I’d take would be my bird record book.

Keeping records will most likely be one of the most crucial things you do with your cockatiels. When you see it on paper, it all becomes very evident where certain features are coming from. It will assist you in making extremely informed judgments when setting up birds to breed. Your customer will be quite pleased by your records whether you are selling a bird to a breeder or even as a pet. Many of my pet customers are overjoyed at the prospect of their bird having a pedigree. Giving a pedigree card to a breeder, particularly a beginner, gets them started on the path to producing excellent cockatiels. You will be well-known as a competent breeder.

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