Reason #5 Why You Should Not Get A Parrot – Where Does It Come From?

Another reason to avoid getting a parrot… It’s hard to say where it comes from.

Depending on where you reside, the pet parrot you’re seeking to buy might have come straight from the wild. Sulphur crested cockatoos may be found for as little as $20 in areas like Australia.

Your bird may have had to experience a harrowing voyage of capture and transit from the wild in other regions. Many more birds perish on the trip to the shop for every bird that survives the voyage. Capturing and transporting these birds is sometimes permitted, and other times it is not. Smuggled birds may be sedated and put inside stockings to make no noise throughout the journey. Many people perish along the route.

Your parrot, on the other hand, may have been born in your nation. Unfortunately, not many standards of care exist or are enforced. In the avian world, the equivalent of “puppy mills” exists. Filthy conditions, overcrowded cages, and so forth.

Of course, you may never see these atrocities. It’s conceivable that your local pet shop just buys the bird from these shady breeders and sells it to you.

What is the genetic background of your parrot’s ‘breeding stock’? Is the mother and father just a discarded bird, abandoned because it is an aggressive bird, a feather plucker, or a screamer? “If you mix alligators with alligators, you get alligators,” breeder James Murphy used to remark. Are you prepared to give birth to the next generation of problem parrots?

Having saying that, if you are still persuaded that you must have one, do your homework before purchasing one. Determine the origin of the bird. ‘The Pet Store’ or ‘The Breeder’ are not appropriate responses. There are many good breeders out there. Take the time to look for one.

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