Reason #3 Why You Should Not Get A Parrot

Reason #3: They not only live a long time, but they also take up a LOT of your time.

Parrots are very clever species that, like all intellectual creatures, need a great deal of stimulus. The bird will not benefit from staring at the same wall for 60 years with nothing to do. Remember that these are flock animals that live in huge social groups in the wild and…

You are the flock now that they are no longer in a flock of birds. Even though your bird was not captured in the wild, it is completely designed for life in a flock. You must engage with your bird on a regular basis – for an extended period of time each day. Can you commit this much time? Will you ever be able to? Ignoring the bird may lead to a variety of psychological issues, such as feather plucking, self-mutilation, and other compulsive behaviours. Will your bird still be a nice pet if these issues arise? Will you be able to handle a half-naked bird with purple skin?

On the other side, the more time you spend with your bird, the better it will get – but it will also grow more reliant on you. It’s incredibly simple to unknowingly build up training that might lead to issues like screaming if the bird is left alone.

Do you think you should give this intellectual creature the attention and respect it deserves? Don’t acquire a parrot if you can’t do that!

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