Purchasing Leg Bands

I’m searching for leg bands so that I can recognize my new hatchlings. Could you kindly tell me where I can purchase them?

Leg bands of various varieties are provided to help identify chicks. They come in both closed and open bands. Band material varies according on the band and its purpose. Bands may be used to distinguish both families of birds and individual birds. The closed bands may or may not be traceable. There are many places to get bands depending on the kind of chicks you’re banding.

The most apparent location to get them would be via a BIRD TALK or other avian journal advertising. Specialty clubs might also be a good source. These are clubs that have been formed around a certain genus, species, or kind of bird. Depending on the sort of bird/birds involved, there may be simply one or a several clubs for the particular species. Some of these clubs demand membership in order to provide leg bands. Only a handful sell bands to both members and nonmembers. These speciality clubs often sell only closed, traceable bands.

A breeder willing to be your mentor is often one of the best sources of guidance and information. This individual can assist you with numerous aspects that you may not have recognized you need assistance with. Finding a band source, purchasing bands, and receiving bands will not assist you in banding your first chick. Yes, you may have or can find instructions on how to band a chick, but you have no idea how much stress you will put on yourself until you have banded your first chick. Do you know which specialty club the majority of your species’ breeders in your area belong to? Do you understand why? Is there legislation in your state that governs bird banding? A mentor who is familiar with your species and lives in your area, or at the very least the same state, can provide you with these answers as well as a better understanding of the other laws and restrictions that govern your hobby.

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