Proper Lighting For Birds

Did you realise that not giving your bird adequate sunshine might have a negative impact on its health? Or, if you’re raising birds, would improper illumination entirely disrupt their breeding cycles? We had no idea about any of this when we initially began breeding. And the change was astounding once we put this into practise! I wish someone had informed us about this sooner!


When I mention “light,” I don’t mean the light that comes from a lamp or light fixture. Full spectrum illumination is required for birds. This is in stark contrast to the sunshine that wild birds are used to.

Dr. John Ott found the significance of full spectrum illumination while photographing the growth of pumpkin seeds. He discovered that when he switched from cold white light bulbs to fluorescent tubes, the plants had the opposite impact. He noticed that he could change the light sources and receive varied effects, often significantly boosting the plant’s development. He then went on to investigate this. He noticed that fluorescent lamps did not emit the whole spectrum of light, missing Ultra Violet and other bands. The objective was to attempt to replicate the light waves produced by sunshine. This resulted in the invention of a real full spectrum light bulb, and further advances increased the life of the bulbs.

The poultry business benefited from his innovation of the full-spectrum light bulb (dubbed the “Ott” light), which resulted in higher egg output, healthier birds, and bigger eggs with tougher shells. Further studies demonstrated that full spectrum lighting replicates the light environment that birds enjoy in the wild and has enormous health benefits for birds, plants, and people.


When utilised correctly, you will see a significant improvement in your birds. Their feathers seem nicer because broad spectrum light reveals the bird’s real hues. Because many of the bird’s health and behaviour instincts are directly touched, their health and disposition improve. And the heat produced by the light might be beneficial to the bird if it is unwell or if the room is generally chilly.

Full spectrum lights also produce ultraviolet bands of light (UVA and UVB), which are essential for animal health and growth. UV radiation destroys numerous germs and bacteria on the skin and feathers of birds. It is also required for the growth of Vitamin D3 production. Full spectrum illumination is required for breeders to elicit behavioural tendencies.

UV light may be distinguished by birds in two ways. Their eyes have tetrachromatic vision, which allows them to perceive ultraviolet light. They can also “sense” light through their Harderian Gland. This gland relays information to the pineal and pituitary glands, influencing a variety of metabolic processes in the bird. The bird understands instinctively that if there is a particular quantity of sunshine each day, it is breeding season. Breeders may lengthen the duration of their breeding cycles by employing full spectrum lightbulbs, which extends the sunshine on the bird.


Many lightbands, particularly low level UVB light, are blocked out by standard windows. If the sole source of light is sunshine via a window, the bird does not get the entire spectrum of light.

There are numerous ways to provide full spectrum illumination. Light stands and clamp-on lights are available for use near the case. To illuminate a large number of cages, larger aviaries employ fluorescent bulb lights in the ceiling. These lights are also put on timers to provide between 12 and 16 hours of illumination every day.

There are various flat panel lights that sit on top of little cages. These are popular among finch and tiny parakeet breeders since they are used in bird exhibitions to bring out the colours of the birds on display.

One of the simplest and most effective methods to enhance your bird’s health and behaviour is to utilise full spectrum illumination. It’s a simple investment with many long-term advantages for the bird.

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