Poop Training

Poop training is not as difficult as you would imagine. ‘Scooby’ was taught in a matter of days using a simple incentive approach that rewarded good behaviour rather than negative.
I think you can educate your bird to defecate in a defined place on command, whether it is young or elderly. Some of you may believe that commanding a bird to defecate someplace is unethical and takes the birds’ natural habits away from them. This is not the case; all we are attempting to do here is urge your bird to defecate someplace more attractive for us as humans, therefore reducing the need for regular cleaning, particularly on that new carpet.

‘Scooby’ was continually pooping all over the house, and to be honest, we were on tiptoes, looking for every tiny mess.

This was not the finest of conditions.

The answer was to teach ‘Scooby’ to defecate in a certain location whenever she needed to. In the end, it wasn’t too difficult. We put a piece of news paper on the carpet in our living room since here is where she spends the most of her time on her play stand and on the floor playing with toys.

If your bird is permitted to roam, you may use a lot of newspaper in various places around the home.

Treats are required. I feed a few of pine nuts when the act is over.

Every time the paper was changed, it was placed in the same location, so ‘Scooby’ knew where to look for it.

To begin, I put Scooby on the paper and said, “Poo-Poo,” which elicited a whistle in response. (She’s not talking yet). I performed this every 10 minutes or so, giving her a little reward each time, and believe it or not, she caught on and was pooping on demand even on the first day of training.

The incentive was subsequently provided when she pooped rather than before.

Scooby’s training evolved from pooping on the paper whenever I instructed her to pooping on the paper of her own will. This has its own set of issues since you’ll know your bird has approximately a 2-second notice before fleeing; Scooby performs a little wiggle right before painting the carpet.

Of course, this is your caution to get your bird on the paper as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that you only have around 1 second to complete this task. Only kidding, each bird is unique. The goal is to seek for this indicator and respond appropriately. Place your bird on the paper and speak your order. This may be ‘Poo Poo,’ ‘Poops,’ or ‘Toilet,’ anything you like.

Once you’ve mastered this, you must and always reward your bird with a favourite food as soon as he or she completes the task.

Your bird will learn over time that completing the deed on the paper will result in a reward. This will enhance the training, and if you continue to do the above and reward every time without fail, your bird will soon find the connection with the news paper. He/she will quickly realise that pooping on the paper is the best method to gain attention and incentives. ‘Scooby’ is now looking for paper to defecate on. This means less mess for me to clean up, which is a good thing, right?

You will soon be able to simplify the awarding of goodies down to a command like “Good Boy / Girl”.

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