Poicephalus Parrot Species List

Species (English Name)Species (Latin Name)
Brown ParrotPoicephalus meyeri meyeri
Brown-headed ParrotPoicephalus cryptoxanthus
Brown-necked ParrotPoicephalus robustus
Cape ParrotPoicephalus robustus
Jardine’s ParrotPoicephalus gulielmi
Meyer’s ParrotPoicephalus meyeri meyeri
Niam Niam ParrotPoicephalus meyeri crassus
Orange-bellied ParrotPoicephalus senegalus mesotypus
Red-bellied ParrotPoicephalus rufiventris
Red-headed ParrotPoicephalus gulielmi
Rueppell’s ParrotPoicephalus meyeri rueppellii
Ruppell’s ParrotPoicephalus rueppellii
Senegal ParrotPoicephalus senegalus

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