Places to Visit Parrots in the UK

A comprehensive list of places to visit with parrots is provided below. Parrot Parks, Bird Parks, Zoos, Bird Houses, and National Parks. If you have visited any of the following locations, please email me your comments and reviews.

If we do not feature a Parrot Place that you have recently visited, please let me know and provide the Name and Location.



Take your tribe out for a fun day.

Get up and personal with the animals while learning about the sights, sounds, and scents of the world’s most dynamic and interesting continent!

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Welcome to the Isle of Wight’s greatest exotic animal attraction!

Winner of the IOW Tourism ‘Top Attraction’ award and the ‘Good Britain Guide’ Top Family Attraction.

Amazon World Zoo Park is a unique attraction. Here you may learn about rainforest conservation and meet some of the world’s most strange, beautiful, and endangered wildlife. Some you won’t find anywhere else in the UK or even Europe!

Try to identify the many tropical bird species soaring freely through the jungle over your head, or count the crocodiles in the pond. Enjoy the exhibits and discussions, or just relax and watch the lemurs sunbathe and play.

There are a lot of parrots. As you may expect, parrots play an important role in this attraction.

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Enjoy the ultimate fun-filled day out at one of the country’s most fascinating wildlife attractions. WHICH? named it one of the top three zoos in the United Kingdom.

Banham Zoo is nestled on 35 acres of stunning parks and gardens, with creative and interesting exhibits that house around 1000 species ranging from big cats to birds of prey and siamangs to shire horses.

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26 acres of stunning parks and groomed gardens provide the ideal habitat for birds from all over the globe.

The woodland background complements stunning gardens, attracting visitors all year round who want to collect ideas or just relax and observe their surroundings.

There is always something to view, from the first snowdrops of spring through the full color of summer and the leaf and barks of autumn and winter.

The gardens are continuously being updated, with selected places chosen for re-landscaping, such as our willow structure in Woodland Walk, but the finer structure is created by numerous older trees. The topiary garden, shrub and herbaceous borders, herb beds, cottage gardens and lawns, bulbs, and colorful containers all contribute to the birds’ natural habitat.

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Colchester Zoo is always developing to maintain our world-class devotion to our animals. We have a variety of parrot species, including Blue and Gold Macaws, Amazons, and African Greys, in addition to many other creatures. It is well worth a visit.

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The Cotswold Wildlife Park has been available to the public since 1970 and is located in 160 acres of parks and gardens surrounding a listed Victorian Manor House.

The Park is home to a fascinating and diverse collection of mammals, birds, reptiles, and invertebrates from around the world, and it aspires to show animals to people so that they can come to understand and respect all forms of wildlife; to understand what makes each species unique, and how the various species have evolved over very long periods of time, adjusting to survive in habitats from all over the world.

We have a variety of parrots, including the Kea, Red-sided Eclectus, Blue and Gold Macaw, Citron Crested Cockatoo, and Duyvenbode’s Lory.

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Our objective is to inspire and thrill our visitors about the wonders of live creatures, therefore promoting the protection of endangered species and ecosystems.

Dusky Lory – Lorikeet – Rainbow Lorikeet – Australian Rainbow Lorikeet – Mitchell’s Cockatoo – Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo – Blue-and-yellow Cockatoo Thick-billed parrot – Macaw – Iliger’s Macaw – Red-fronted Macaw

You may also be interested to know that we are presently working on an amazing new enclosure called ‘Rainbow Landings,’ which will be an indoor enclosure with rainbow lorikeets where visitors can buy nectar and have the birds fly to them! This is expected to be done by the end of August.

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The Welsh Mountain Zoo is located at Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

A fantastic zoo with enough to do. A wide variety of parrot species, including African Greys, macaws, eagles, and condores. and many more birds.

The construction of a new £100,000 Condor Haven at the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay has resulted in the establishment of a one-of-a-kind collaboration between conservationists in Ecuador and Wales.

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