Pionus Parrots – Species Profile

Black-Headed and White-Belly Caique...
Black-Headed and White-Belly Caique Parrot

Species: Blue-headed (Pionus menstruus), Bronz-Winged (Pionus chalcopterus), Dusky (Pionus fuscus), White-capped (Pionus senils), Maximilian’s (Pionus maxmiliani), Coral-billed (Pionus sordidus), Plum-crowned (Pionus tumultuosus), and White-headed (Pionus (P. t. seniloides).

Blue-headed, Maximilian’s, white-capped, and bronze-winged Pionus are popular pet species.

Coloring / Size: Pionus may not have the blatantly vivid coloration of Macaws, yet they are stunning. Each species has its unique “color scheme,” and some of its feathers are iridescent. They are medium in size, in between a Caique and an African Grey. around 23-30 cm (9 – 12 inches)

Originating Country: Central and South America are the countries of origin.

Possible life span: 30 to 45 years

Overall Personality: A little quieter (for a parrot), yet capable of producing both gentle and loud noises. Can be wary of unfamiliar situations and may need some time to acclimate. Pionus has the ability to imitate sounds and learn to talk. These small fellas may also be quite loyal. They are not known to have serious behavioral issues. Hormones may temporarily alter Pionus, however this effect is short-lived.

Pionus are not very cuddly. They can be petted and loved, but they have a more “independent” temperament and are fine to be about the family without constantly being picked up and handled (unlike cockatoos!). Pionus parrots like climbing, hanging, and playing. I would really consider purchasing a second parrot playstand to keep them entertained outside of their cage.

Unusual characteristics: Pionus makes a unique wheezing sound when agitated or sometimes when they are feeling pleased. They may also create a purring sound when scratched on the head. It’s typical for them to have a musky odor.

Cages: A 20″x20″x28″ cage or bigger with 34-inch bar spacing is recommended.

Sexting: Male and female appear similar and must be sexed by an expert.

Other issues: Pionus are reported to have a weight problem at times. It won’t be a problem if they eat properly, get enough exercise, and have frequent vet exams.

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