Pet Owner To Pet Guardian: A bad idea!

When you consider who is driving this effort, changing the word “Pet Owner” to “Pet Guardian” is a hazardous trick that might be used to undermine the rights of pet owners. A group concerned with animal rights. Changing the name to something that is considered to be more politically correct may have unintended consequences in the future. For instance, if a lawyer or a C.A.S.A. (Court Appointed Special Advocate) believes that there is a reason to sue or remove the rights of a person who is deemed unfit to be a “Guardian,” then it is a step in the right direction to allow animals the right to sue their owners. This would be a step in the direction of allowing animals to sue their owners. Animals would eventually be able to file lawsuits for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they do not wish to be consumed, that they do not wish to be kept in zoos or studied on, or that they do not wish to be “enslaved” as seeing-eye dogs.

The vast majority of pet owners regard their animals to be members of their family, thus they provide for, cherish, and nurture their pets. The majority of people who have pets do not anticipate that their feelings toward their animals will alter if the term “owner” is changed to “Guardian.” There is a small segment of the population that does not care about their animals and will not alter their conduct even if the name of their pet is changed, and this segment does exist. In order to address the concerns of this very minor subset of the population, we have laws on the books that can and should be enforced.

There is a growing push in this country to grant greater rights to animals, which may have unintended and disastrous consequences. For instance, there are a number of organizations fighting for the rights of animals, such as striving to have them recognized on par with human rights. If this goal is reached, then there will be no need for zoos. It would be possible for cattle to file lawsuits against the owners of livestock ranches. Because people experiment on animals, monkeys would have the legal right to sue humans. Because the dogs were spayed or neutered as puppies, they would have a legal right to sue their owners for the right to have their own offspring. Animals used in entertainment might file a lawsuit if they could since they are unwilling to complete their jobs. Animals that give a service to people, also known as Dogs for the Blind, will be permitted to file lawsuits because they do not want to be enslaved in order to assist humans. Animal rights activists believe that seeing eye dogs are in fact slaves to their human owners.

 Look at the whole picture here.

In this country, the animal rights movement has been quietly working behind the scenes for years now, and as of late, it has been on a mission to reform the rights of animals. Changing the terminology to “guardian” would be an important step in helping to shape the future of organizations that advocate for animal rights. With just this one tiniest modification in wording, they will have the justification they need to strip animal lovers of their rights as we know them. It is true that there are people in this county who should be prosecuted for the way in which they treat animals, but we do not need to redefine the term in order to make animal rights advocates happy. It’s a risky step in the wrong direction, but we have no choice but to do it. These organizations argue that animals do not possess any additional rights above and beyond those of a toaster or a microwave. That is categorically not the case! There are regulations in place all around the United States to prevent animals from being treated cruelly, and these laws can be found in every city, county, and state. I am not aware of any statute or legal precedent that would send you to jail for “toaster abuse.” Animals are protected by their very own laws, which prevent cruel treatment and mistreatment of them.

A prominent advocate for animal rights, Steven Wise, was once cited as saying, “I don’t see any difference between a chimpanzee and my 4 1/2-year-old son.” Wise is known for his work in animal rights advocacy. With that remark, you are responsible for coming to your own decision about where this movement is going. If we want to keep our rights as pet owners, we are in for a long and difficult battle.

When dealing with seemingly innocuous matters like name changes, we need to exercise extreme caution. People’s feelings about animals will not be affected by changing their names, either more or less. We want what is best for humans and animals equally, but we do not want to go too far in granting animals the same rights as humans and in some cases even more rights than we have. Humans are, for the most part, a caring species, and we want what is best for humans and animals alike.

On their website, the animal rights organization that is the driving force behind this campaign has stated: “It is the policy of In Defense of Animals to no longer employ language that embraces the current view of animals as property, commodities, and/or things.” We no longer refer to ourselves or others as the “owners” of the animals that we share our lives with; instead, we now refer to ourselves and others as the “guardians” of our animal friends, and we refer to the animals as “he” or “she” rather than “it.” Animals are not purchased or sold by Guardians; rather, they are rescued and adopted out. We strongly recommend that you follow our example. In my opinion, they are pitting different groups of people against one another, namely the Owners and the Guardians. It appears from this statement that they intend to do away with the practice of breeding companion animals.

Animal rights activists have been traveling all over the United States in an effort to persuade local governments to revise the regulations that apply to breeders. These reforms include capping the number of litters that a breeder can have in a given year and imposing steep fines on breeders who produce more offspring than is considered ethical.

Why? Read on.

Animal rights organizations are also attempting to persuade local governments to enact legislation that make it mandatory to spay and neuter pets.

Why? Read on.

This organization also has a statement that reads, “To promote the new language and the ethic that underpins it, our campaign is committed to a nationwide effort to reach the hearts and minds of the public, with the assistance and support of animal organizations worldwide. ” When sufficient momentum has been gained, an opportunity to test the law in court will be pursued. What exactly does that imply then? In my opinion, it would be wrong to strip us of our rights as owners of pets.

The animal rights movement in this country is definitely something to keep an eye on. There is a rising trend to extend the ability to sue to animals in situations such as those involving malpractice. In the event that these lawsuits are allowed to move forward, the cost of veterinary care will rise. Because no one would be able to afford veterinary treatment, the animals will be forced to suffer as a result. As a result of the claims that will be made, insurance companies will begin raising the veterinarian’s premiums. If, for whatever reason, an animal passes away, it will be the fault of the veterinarian, and of course, it will also be the fault of the owner for waiting too long to seek medical care for the animal. It will have both positive and negative implications.

Do not get me wrong here! I have a deep appreciation for and commitment to the welfare of all living creatures, and it is my sincere desire to spend the remainder of my adult life working with animals, both as a pet owner and as an advocate for animal rights. I do not want anyone’s understanding of what I am saying to be skewed in any way. Animals have a purpose in this world, and regardless of what we do or how we legislate, some species will still become extinct, certain animals will still be eaten, and a select few will be kept as pets. Furthermore, some individuals won’t change the way they treat animals no matter what they’re called.

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