Pet Owner To Pet Guardian: A bad idea!

Changing the phrase “Pet Owner” to “Pet Guardian” is a hazardous effort to take away pet owners’ rights; just look at who is supporting this initiative. An animal rights organization. Changing the name to a more politically correct phrase may have long-term detrimental consequences. For example, allowing animals to sue their owners if a lawyer or C.A.S.A. (Court Appointed Special Advocate) believes there is a grounds to suit or remove the rights of a person found unfit to be a “Guardian” is a step in the right way. Animals would be allowed to sue in the future for things like refusing to be eaten, refusing to be in zoos or experimented on, or being “enslaved” as a Seeing Eye dog.

Most pet owners care for, love, and nurture their pets, and consider them to be members of their family. Changing the word to “Guardian” will not affect how the majority of pet owners feel about their pets. Yes, a tiny part of the population does not care for their dogs and will not modify their behavior due to a word change. We have existing rules that should be implemented to deal with this tiny part of the population.

There is a push in our nation to provide greater rights to animals, which might have disastrous consequences. For example, numerous animal rights organizations are working to provide animals the same rights as people. If this is accomplished, we will no longer have Zoos. Cattle would have the right to sue cattle ranch owners. Animal testing would give monkeys the right to sue humans. Dogs might sue their owners if they were neutered and want the right to procreate. Animals in the entertainment industry would sue if they did not want to perform. Service animals, also known as Dogs for the Blind, will be allowed to sue because they do not want to be enslaved (animal rights groups say that seeing eye dogs are slaves to humans) to aid people.

Consider the big picture.

The animal rights movement in this nation has been quietly working behind the scenes for years and has lately been on a mission to alter animal rights. Changing the wording to “guardian” would be a step in the right way for animal rights organizations. This one little change in language will provide them with the ammo they need to take away the rights of pet owners as we know them. There are individuals in our county who should be penalized for how they treat animals, but we don’t need to modify the phrase to placate animal rights activists. It’s a risky step in the wrong way. According to these organizations, animals have no more rights than a toaster or a microwave. That is absolutely not the case! Every city, county, and state in the US has laws in place to protect animals from cruelty. There is no statute that would put you in prison for “toaster abuse,” as far as I know. Animals have their own set of laws to protect them from cruelty and abuse.

One well-known animal rights lawyer, Steven Wise, was cited as stating, “I don’t see a difference between a chimp and my 4 1/2-year-old kid.” With that remark, you may make your own conclusions about where this movement is headed. We will have to fight long and hard to preserve our rights as pet owners.

We must exercise caution when it comes to minor name changes. People will not love animals more or less if their names are changed. People, on the whole, are a caring species, and we want what is best for both humans and animals, but we don’t want to go too far in giving animals the same rights as humans, and in some instances greater rights than us.

“It is the policy of In Defense of Animals to no longer employ terminology that embraces the present view of animals as property, commodities, and/or objects,” the animal rights organization behind this campaign states on its website. Rather of referring to ourselves or others as “owners” of the animals with whom we spend our lives, we now refer to ourselves and others as “guardians,” and to animals as “he” or “she” rather than “it.” Guardians do not purchase or sell animals; rather, they rescue and adopt them. We strongly encourage you to do the same.” Guardians vs. Owners, in my perspective, are pitting individuals against one other. This remark implies that they wish to put a stop to companion animal breeding.

Animal rights organizations have been traveling around the nation, attempting to persuade communities to amend their regulations governing breeders, such as restricting the number of litters that breeders may have each year and imposing heavy costs on breeders who have more than what they believe is appropriate.

Why? Continue reading.

Animal rights organizations are also attempting to persuade communities to enact mandatory spay and neuter legislation.

Why? Continue reading.

“To promote the new language and the ethic underpinning it, our campaign is devoted to a countrywide effort to reach the hearts and minds of the people, with the aid and support of animal groups worldwide,” the group adds. When there is enough momentum, a legal test case will be sought.” So, what does this imply? To take away our rights as pet owners, in my view.

This country’s animal legalization movement is one to keep an eye on. There is a rising push to give animals the ability to sue in circumstances of negligence. If these lawsuits are permitted to progress, the cost of veterinary treatment will rise. Animals will suffer as a result of no one being able to afford medical treatment. Because of the claims that will be submitted, insurance companies will begin raising the veterinarian’s insurance. If an animal dies for any cause, it will be the doctor’s responsibility, as well as the owner’s fault for waiting too long to seek medical attention. It will be a two-edged sword.

Do not misunderstand me! I adore and defend animals and want to spend the remainder of my adult life working with them as an owner and instructor to others who maintain them. I don’t want anybody to misunderstand what I’m saying. Animals have a place in the world, and no matter what we do or how we legislate, species will go extinct, animals will be eaten, and a select few will be kept as pets, and some people will not alter the way they treat them regardless of what they are called.

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