Pet Memorial Headstones

My mother and I had previously used a different business for pet headstones, and we tried this firm for the first time a few months ago. The quality of the stone astounded and surprised me. It was considerably bigger than the stones we’d previously purchased, the engraving was deeper and more appealing, the pricing was reduced (about half! ), the delivery was extremely affordable through priority mail, and overall, we were blown away.

We purchased a handful of stones to replace those that had broken during transit. They couldn’t have been more kind in replacing it.

When my deerhound Raven died, we purchased a replacement stone for her. He collaborated with us to suit the required inscription, providing wonderful ideas to ensure we had the stone just way we wanted it.

The photographs of the stones on the company’s website do not do them credit. I’ll attempt to photograph the ones I received from them and use them instead, but for the time being, I’ve included one shot from their website.

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