Parrot Video Clips

A collection of Parrot Video Clips is provided here. If you have a Parrot-related video you’d like to share with us, please send it to me here.

Amazon parrot

Poncho, a 30-year-old Amazon parrot, scratches his head with one of his feathers! He wasn’t taught how to do it; he figured it out for himself! He will also utilize materials other than feathers for the same purpose, such as pencils, straws, toys, and so on.

Ellen DeGeneres and Quito the talking parrot star in Amazon Parrot.

African Grey

RUBY THE TALKING PARROT – This is a remade version of a prior video, with subtitles added for clarity. Enjoy our tiny child chit-chatting!

African Grey – 11-year-old African Grey with a vocabulary of 400 words – This is really worth seeing, and it gets better towards the finish.

Budgerigar / Parakeet

Budgerigar / Parakeet – This tiny Parrakeet can speak quite a bit… very astonishing.

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