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If you’re anything like me, you can never have too much knowledge on parrots. It’s a never-ending learning journey. It reminds me of the medical profession… Every day, some new study or method is published. Doctors, like myself, are always reading and learning. But I can’t seem to sit still long enough to read a book or a magazine. I’m always on the go!

If this describes you, let me tell you about something that has been accessible for a long but not many people are aware of. Podcasts for Parrots!

Podcasts are radio shows that anybody may produce and distribute through the internet. They are created by both big and small groups. They may employ large production studios and skills, or they can acquire a $5 microphone and free sound recorders and do it on their PC. They were broadcast on the main news networks. They are accessible on every subject conceivable. There are also some excellent parrot podcasts available!

They are released in MP3 format and may be played on your computer or, even better, on your IPod when you are away from home. While travelling or completing my morning workouts, I like listening to podcasts. You may even subscribe to their programmes and have them automatically downloaded to your computer as they become available.

If this seems intriguing to you, I’d like to recommend some amazing parrot podcasts.

Many individual parrot podcasts and other bird audios may be found on

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