Parrot Health Saftey – First Aid Kit

Putting together a “first aid kit” for your bird seems weird. If you just have one bird, it may even be overkill. However, it has the potential to save its life.

We have a rather big kit since we have a lot of birds and a lot of minor ailments. Regardless matter how many birds you have, all are suggested.


Because there are so many products on our list, you may need a large box to store them in. We recommend a fishing gear box. They feature a number of trays with little divisions. It will make organising easier and your goods will be easier to locate. You don’t want to go through a huge package for a basic bandage and tube of Neosporin to treat a tiny injury. Find a huge clean towel and roll it up as well. Then, in case you need to secure your bird, tie it to the handle (or wherever suitable). When a bird gets harmed, it becomes terrified and panicked! You must find a safe method to secure it, or you will be the one utilising the first-aid kit…to treat a nasty bird bite. You won’t have to rush about looking for one if it’s attached to your equipment.



*Scissors – These are required for trimming the bird’s wings and cutting tape or bandages.

*Nail Snips – Used to clip bird nails. Don’t get a cheap pair…they need to be sharp!

*Nail Files – We carry a metal one as well as soft cosmetic ones on hand. A dremel tool (electric grinder) might be used, however it should have variable speed. They offer several excellent battery-operated models. They are used for beak trimming. Simply use them with caution.

*A hemostat and tweezers are required for extracting blood feathers and other situations. We have needle nose pliers in our toolbox for this, and they can also be used to rescue birds if their toes become stuck in the cage’s bars/chains, according to another breeder. This concept saved a bird’s life! Look for a set that includes wire cutters.

*Clamp on light – For times you need more light when treating your pet but don’t have a second hand. Clamps for a table or a cage. You may also keep a penlight.

*Magnifying Glasses – This may seem stupid, but they come in helpful when examining or doing close-up work. My vision isn’t the finest, therefore it was suggested that I try this. It works perfectly!

*Hand Feeding Syringe/Spoons/Eye Droppers – For emergency liquid or food feeding. Sick birds will be very dehydrated, which is one of the leading causes of mortality.


This is for you as well as the bird! Gather a supply of bandages, tiny bandages, compresses, and Q-tips. Purchase cotton balls to clean wounds. To keep them clean, place them all in little baggies.

*Vet wrap – This “tape” is constructed of a nonstick substance that will cling to itself. Use this to fasten splints and bandages, as well as wings. Have some already cut into 3 inch strips…you don’t want to lose time doing this in an emergency!

*Paper Tape – This is also used to keep bandages in place, although I don’t like using it on feathers…

In certain cases, you may not have a choice.

*Popsicle sticks – used to make splints


*Flour/Cornstarch – Store in a tiny pill container. Make a paste out of this and apply it on bleeding feathers or toenails to help coagulate the blood and stop the bleeding.

*Kwik-Stop – Also used to stop bleeding. This product must be handled with caution. It is harmless for bird nails but may cause skin irritation, thus it is not advised for wounds or blood feathers.

*Silver Nitrate Sticks – These may be used on bleeding nails, but they are quite hazardous. Only use as a last resort.

*GelFoam – This substance is excellent for preventing bleeding, particularly on the legs and toes. You will need to inquire with your veterinarian about this.

*Aloe vera, betedyne, neosporin Rubbing alcohol disinfects and cleans wounds and aids in the treatment of burns. Obtain some alcohol swabs, since these may be more convenient than cotton balls or Q-Tips.


*Hand Feeding Ability – Get a clean baby food container to store this in…

Simply add some hot water and stir as required. The temperature MUST NOT BE EXTREMELY HIGH! Just a little heat!

*Pedialyte – Used to keep children hydrated. This beverage is compatible with meals. Many retailers offer it in little bottles, but once opened, it must be used within 24 hours or discarded. They also sell 2-ounce freezer pops, which are ideal for your kits! There is no need to freeze, and once opened, there is no waste.

*Baby Food – Have a jar or two on hand for hand feeding.

BROODER – Severely damaged birds must be kept warm and dark. There are techniques for generating them rapidly using heating pads or lights, but be careful not to overheat your birds.

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