Parrot First Aid

When your parrot becomes ill, use parrot first aid, including emergency equipment and basic do’s and don’ts.


If you have a Parrot Emergency or your Parrot has suddenly fallen Ill it is vital you contact your local Avian Vet Immediately. Always have your Avian Vets Phone Number to hand.

TIP: Store your Vets Tel Number in your mobile and home telephone.

Are you or your Parrot in Danger??

Remove the Danger First, Danger could be anything from Electrical Wires exposed to Cats in the same room.
Remove anything that is immediately causing any danger to you or your Parrot.
DO NOT touch Electrical Wires with any part of your skin, Wires should be moved by using an outreached broom handle or something NON Conducting i.e. Wood, Plastic. Turn off Electrical Supply of Possible.

Is your Parrot Responsive??

Make sure your parrot is responsive, If your parrot is making noise or moving in some respect then this is a good sign. To put it bluntly he’s alive. This is the time to give him a quick once over, check for bleeding, anything obvious like airway obstruction, If your parrot is not moving then give him a little prod with your finger. If nothing happens then give him a gentle pinch on a wing or near the cheek.

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