Pacific Parrotlet Facts & Information

Green cheek conure - African Grey P...
Green cheek conure - African Grey Parrot

The Parrotlet family consists of seven members. The Pacific and the Green Rump are the two most popular. Their nearest cousins are the Amazons, and they are almost the same size. Pacifics are bold and may be quite possessive about their cage. Keep a constant check on them and never leave them unaccompanied while everyone is out of their cages; they will not hesitate to get into a fight with another parrot, regardless of size. They are incredibly busy birds, constantly moving from toy to toy and playing. Tidbit seems to become bored with his toys rather rapidly, therefore they must be swapped often.

Pacifics are excellent pets if properly socialized and are a lot of fun with their antics.

Parrotlets are a relatively new popular species in aviculture, however, they are thought to survive for 20-25 years.

Quick Facts:
Scientific Name:
 Forpus Coelestis
Common Name: Pacific Parrotlet, Celestial Parrotlet
Native To: South America

Introducing my Pacific Parrotlet: Tidbit here is a Pacific Parrotlet. He’s probably the most upbeat bird I’ve ever seen. When we first brought him home, it took him about 3 minutes to adjust to his new cage and surroundings. Within 5 minutes, he seemed to have always been here. He enjoys having his head stroked and chirps like a cricket. Pacifics are the second smallest parrot, weighing around 30 grams on average (1 ounce). These men had hushed, almost gentle tones. Tidbit yells louder than Willie the Quaker mumbles. Tidbit is obsessed with plastic bags and green leafy vegetables; just the sight of them causes him to start chattering and dashing back and forth. I’m still not sure whether it’s because he loves destroying them or because they irritate him.

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