Orange-Faced Lovebirds

Rosy faced Lovebird
Rosy faced Lovebird

Orange-faced (OF) is a recent Peachfaced Lovebird mutation that first appeared in the late 1980s. OF reduces red caratenoid pigmentation in the bird’s feathers somewhat. The most noticeable impact of this decrease is a change in the color of the bird’s face, from the characteristic brilliant red-orange of a regular peachfaced to a really orange tint. Though not as obvious as the facial color, the body color is also significantly impacted, appearing a little lighter, brighter green than in the usual Peachfaced.

Orange-faced is a simple recessive mutation, which means that a bird must inherit the mutation from both parents in order to display the real OF color. Birds that have been split for OF (birds that only contain a single OF gene) may be identified visually from normally colored birds. Though split OF birds lack the totally orange facial hue of whole OF birds, their faces are somewhat more orange than usual. When the birds are compared side by side, the difference is obvious.

There is some individual variance in the hue and intensity of color from bird to bird with any color mutation. This heterogeneity is more prominent in orange faced than one may assume. Some birds have a relatively faint orange tint, while others have a more vivid reddish orange color (though still more orange than the normal peachface). As breeders continue to experiment with this mutation, two or more distinct shades of the orange faced may emerge.
Orange-faced lutino on the left; orange-faced Austrlian cinnamon on the right.

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