National Bird Day

I’ve always been fascinated with birds. So when I came upon a mention of the National Bird Day celebration on January 5th, it came as a really nice surprise to me. What a brilliant concept! What better approach to exhibit and educate people on how to care for their birds, as well as becoming aware of the many sorts of pets and items available?

Oh my my, what a letdown! This is the polar opposite of that. The API and AWC are coordinating the whole event, both of which are PETA want tobes attempting to abolish the entire bird pet trade! By cleverly disguising this celebration as an educational event, it is nothing more than a recruiting campaign to persuade recruits to join their club.


There is just one agenda for the Animal Protection Institute (API) and the Avian Welfare Coalition (AWC). Their objective is to outlaw the breeding and selling of pet birds, stopping you from possessing one. They are completely opposed to the selling, exchange, or usage of birds as pets.

To do this, they exploit the excuse that pet retailers mistreat birds and do not know how to care for them. They highlight mass bird farms that are intended to raise birds for pet shop chains. They highlight the awful living circumstances of these birds.

However, by casting such a wide net, they are also penalising bird breeders who are passionate about their pastime and their birds. They further punish the pet owner, accusing them of being barbarians, for the “displacement and suffering of captive birds” by keeping them in cages throughout their lives, and “not contributing to the sustainable maintenance of the species”.

They’re classifying me as wicked because I’m a bird breeder and everyone likes me! This is just bullshit!


I believe that these campaigners should be stripped of National Bird Day. For starters, every year on May 4th, there is a “Bird Day” event that has been celebrated since 1894. However, since the purpose of this day is to “recognise, respect, and love birds,” it does not fit with their aggressive goal. As a result, they chose January 5th as their protest day.

I believe it is critical that you, the bird enthusiast, bird owner, bird breeder, and BIRD LOVER, make your voice known.

How many endangered bird species have been saved from extinction thanks to the efforts of bird breeders? How many birds have been spared as a result of the efforts of bird enthusiasts who keep an eye on even the wild bird population?

Is it fair to you, the bird owner, to be lumped in with a tiny number of reckless bird breeders and then penalised by having your bird taken away? After all, that is the objective of these two organisations.

As a result, everyone should join Sapphyre and myself in celebrating National Bird Day on January 5th….but for the RIGHT reasons, such as educating people about pet birds and how to care for them.

We absolutely do not support the methods used by certain breeders to rear their birds. But for these two organisations to adopt legislation akin to those approved in California, which effectively prohibits bird breeding entirely, is plain wrong. We must speak out and utilise our power to modify these two parties’ agendas. Or, at the very least, let people know that these organisations do not represent the great majority of bird owners in the United States.

You don’t address a problem by eradicating the pet trade! Do you honestly believe that will put an end to the abuse? Has any of the dozens of laws passed in our nation stopped dog and cat abuse? Wouldn’t it be better to put all of this time, money, and energy towards educating bird owners?

So go ahead and observe National Bird Day…

However, do it for the right reasons. If bird owners do not take a position now, you will undoubtedly pay for it later.

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