Nanday Conure Personality

Nanday Conures are excellent companions, but they are not for everyone. They may be rather loud, so be sure you and your lifestyle can handle it before bringing one home.

We just received a query concerning Nanday Conures. This woman bought an elderly parrot as a pet, and it does nothing but screech and shout. She can hold it and work with it, but the shrieking is starting to bother the neighbours.

Nanday Conure Personalities

To begin, you should thoroughly investigate the birds you want to purchase, particularly their behavioural characteristics. Nanday Conures are very noisy birds. Their cry may be heard across the neighbourhood, making it an unsuitable companion for apartment dwellers.

This is a result of their past. They are a highly friendly bird that typically stays in huge groups in the wild. They are often seen with flocks of Monk Parakeets. Their shrieking is related with their mating and social behaviours.

Nandays born in captivity and hand fed are typically not as vocal. This is why it’s best to acquire them while they’re young.

They are quite lively and loving as pets. They are an excellent “intermediate” bird for those interested in rearing them, and the price is reasonable. We normally suggest this sort of bird to someone who has never handled a bird before and is thinking about getting a huge parrot. You’re ready to take on the challenge of a huge bird after you’ve mastered the Nanday and can train and manage it.

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