My Promise To My Birds


Being owned by a parrot is a fantastic concept, really a sensation that cannot be purchased.
Being honored by a parrot’s trust and affection is a gift that can only be bestowed by the parrot and him above.
Holding a parrot near and knowing it cares teaches you compassion and the capacity to share.
To see a parrot whose feathers blow in the wind
Teaches the futility of restraint and tethering.
Listening to a Parrot communicate and sing to you teaches communication that only a few people have experienced.
To extend your hand knowing it is a perch people trust
Is an essential for everyone who owns a parrot.
To hear it speak while it believes you can’t hear it
It makes me happy, but it also makes me cry.
For you know that it merely wants to please you, and that its love is straightforward, uncomplicated, and genuine.
It just wants for food, love, and communication in order to find a life partner. It makes no demands; it simply need care, love, and TLC.
That is why owning a parrot is such a privilege for me.

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