Miligold Macaw Personality

The miligold macaw is great house pet; pictures and photos cannot demonstrate their appealing temperament.

These miligold macaws are rather large, up to 27 inches in body length, though not the largest among other parrots. These birds are very communicative and should spend much time in the same room with people, not in a cage. 

These large birds are typical of the Central and South America where they inhabit palm groves and scrublands. This species is one of the best-known family pets among other parrots because of its gentle and even temperament and beautiful plumage.

Like all parrots, these birds are very bright colored. They come in a great variety of colors from pale green and blue to severe type, rainbow and little blue type. The body length of these creatures ranges from 13 to 40 inches from bill to tail. Macaw pics are considered art by some; a picture of a chick is visually dazzling.

The prices for these pets are different; they depend on the size, color and temperament of the parrot. The best individuals may cost up to $3000. Wild caught parrots are not sold in the USA and other countries; all pets are bred in captivity. 

These parrots are very popular as pets, though they are not the greatest speakers. The main reason for their popularity is probably their bright and iridescent plumage and great size. Some species reach up to 40 inches in length and 50 inches in wingspan. Know different types of parrots here.

There is a lot of macaw information out there but you really need to match it with a picture; a breeder can provide a lot of answers to your questions. The lifespan of these parrots varies from 15 to 30 years. In the wild, they live in tropical forests and savannahs of South America and Africa, but their numbers continuously decrease because of environmental pollution, habitat destruction and pet trade. Some species live only in captivity nowadays. 

There are about 30 species of macaw parrots. These birds are mostly very bright, coming in a variety of colors from grayish green to golden, hyacinth, scarlet, and violet. Some of them are rather large, reaching up to 40 inches in body length; others are under 13 inches in length. 

These bird are not for every household; they require the right owner who will devote much time to the bird and communicate with it. The cage should be rather large and specious, clean and convenient. These birds need a lot of toys to keep them busy.

These parrots are very popular as family pets for their excellent talking abilities and friendly nature. Many species of these parrots are large and brilliant in many respects, but there also exist mini parrots. They are usually bright red with yellow, white and blue spots. 

These exotic birds only inhabit territories with hot climates. The majority of them live in South and central America, in the Amazon basin, and Africa and prefer rainforests and savannahs. They differ much in body size and plumage colors.

There are about 30 known species of the genus Ara, but there are probably more of them in remote regions. Some species are endangered; others are extinct due to environmental pollution, habitat destruction and pet trade; they survive only in captivity. 

The lifespan of some species reaches up to 80 years, so your children will have to take care about your bird. Some people cannot tolerate noise and surrender their birds to shelters. So, before making a decision on buying a parrot, learn as much as possible about it. 

Parrots are very popular as family companions for their friendly and communicative nature, but before purchasing such a bird you should be sure that it would be happy in your house for all its life. Large birds require spacious enclosures and much exercise.

The rainforest macaw is the largest of all parrots; these birds are frequently seen in collections of pictures of exotic animals. Nine species are already extinct due to a number of reasons. The main threat to these parrots is illegal pet trade and smuggling to the USA and European countries. Their natural habitats are quickly destroyed, and native tribes kill them for food and feathers. 

Almost all species of the genus Ara can be found in Central and South America or in Africa. They can live only in hot climates and prefer jungles, savannahs, and woodlands. There are about 30 species of these parrots. 

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