Love Bird Care

Peachfaced Lovebirds are little West African parrots. They are simple to maintain as pets and to nurture for breeding. Here’s some information to assist you in caring for your lovebird.


Lovebirds need a cage with at least two perches and enough space to fly from one to the other. A cage with a horizontal dimension of 24 to 30 inches is suitable. Anything less than 18 inches is too tiny and constricting. Perches should be the right size for the bird’s feet, not too little or too huge.

It is practical to have two sets of food and water dishes that may be swapped and cleaned every day. Every day, the water must be changed and the dish cleaned. Food dishes may remain longer if desired, with food added daily, but they must be properly emptied, cleansed, and refilled at least once a week. Caution: food bowls that seem full may contain merely seed hulls and debris, with no healthy food for the bird!

Lovebirds need cage exercise to keep healthy. Favorites include swings, ladders, and interlaced bamboo rings. Lovebirds benefit most from 6 inch cockatiel swings. Toys for pet birds are widely available at pet sections or shops. Small parakeet and budgie toys should be avoided. Lovebirds have incredibly powerful biting beaks that may damage these goods. Lovebirds may play with toys meant for cockatiels and tiny parrots.


Cockatiels and other little parrots need the same size food as lovebirds. If you want to give your birds a seed mix, pick one that includes nutritional supplements to provide a “complete diet” that will keep your birds healthy. Other less costly seed mixes or wild bird seeds will not give all of the nutrients your bird need, but they may be utilized provided you feed enough of fresh meals. Nota bene: Pellet meals such as Kaytee Exact or Pretty Bird are nutritionally balanced and highly beneficial for birds, however some will reject them. Birds who are accustomed to eating seeds will require time to acclimatize and learn to consume a pellet-only diet.

Try to provide fresh meals at least three or four times every week. Apples, broccoli, cabbage, kale, carrots, parsley, and spinach are favorites of our birds. You may also experiment with various veggies and fruits. Lettuce is fine, however it is low in nutritional content. We sometimes provide dandelion and clover (flowers and greens) from our yard in the summer. Wash off any pesticides or chemicals that might harm the bird. Our birds also like whole grain breads and corn tortillas (but not salty tortilla chips). Feed no foods heavy in fat, salt, or sugar, such as doughnuts, cake, or cookies. Remember to take out any uneaten fresh food from the cage before it spoils.

To give calcium for the bird, keep cuttlebone in the cage at all times. Millet sprays, sometimes known as “seed trees,” are a tasty treat.


Lovebirds are fairly robust and do not need constant warmth, but they should not be exposed to cold temperatures.

Lovebirds like bathing regularly. If the dishes are big enough, they will bathe in them. If not, keep a little dish of water in the cage for them to drink from. They also like being misted with water from time to time. This helps to keep their feathers healthy.

WARNING! — If you keep your bird in or near the kitchen, take cautious not to overheat Teflon pans or equipment. When Teflon becomes too heated, it emits gases that are harmful to birds! The bird may perish as a result of respiratory difficulty. Other goods, such as teflon-coated irons, may also be very harmful.


If your bird seems to be ill or wounded, seek the advice of a certified avian veterinarian. Most veterinarians have limited expertise diagnosing and treating birds since they encounter so few of them. Consult your local bird club or pet shop for suggestions. It is advisable to identify a competent veterinarian before any issues develop so that you will know who to call in an emergency.

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